Anyone here use Specialized Armadillo tyres?

I notice these are popular in the states- anyone here use them?
Can you actually buy them here?
I wonder how they compare to the Schwalbe Durano Plus or Continental Gatorskin…
The Specialized marketing say they are better to other kevlar tyres on the market.

Cheers, Horatio

Hmmmm. :expressionless:

They are good but really dead feeling and available from Total Rush.

Do you mean a similar feeling to the way those Schwalbe tyres with that blue insert feel?

I was going to post this in your ‘tight tyres’ thread but for some reason didn’t. I’ve found the specialized tyres to be really loose, so probably a good option for your fulcrum rims.

I used fatboy armadillos on my MTB… they were fine.

are you kidding? when i tried putting on some armadillos it took two of us and like half an hour of fucking around. In the end i had two very sore thumbs… only to find out that the tube had sat in the rim properly (after it exploded)… so i had to repeat the process.

Armadillo’s are good, however as mentioned before, doesn’t provide the best riding experience.