Anyone in Adelaide need a dog?

About a year ago we bought a new dog, when we adopted her they neglected to tell us she was deaf.
We’ve had a fairly sketchy couple move in at the back of our place who got quite threatening when we left them outside as she pretty playful with our other dog and gets quite loud (to the point we’ve had to call the cops as the guy has become quite violent).

Subsequently we’ve had to start leaving them indoors.
Over the last few weeks she’s managed to figure out how to get up onto the kitchen counter and various things have ended up being destroyed.

Today my fiance came home to discover on one of her frequent counter exploration missions that she managed to get the knobs for the stove off at the same time starting up one of the gas burners while also chewing up a set of handmade masks we brought back from Venice a while back.

If we could leave her outside this would absolutely not be a problem but currently we’re kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I’m basically exploring all of my options and even though it’ll absolutely destroy me to let her go I’m starting to think it’s for the best.

Does anyone out there on FOA land know of anyone who’d be willing to take her, she’s absolutely amazing and if you need to have a look there’s a fair few pictures of her in my instagram (username: schoolism).

I’d rather she went to someone that I can in some small way keep in contact with as I’d like to know she’s doing okay.

Again this is not a choice that I’ve made lightly and I certainly wouldn’t be doing it if I hadn’t considered all other options.

Her names Luna and she rocks.

What type of dog is she? Age etc?

Staffy/Kelpie cross as far as we’re aware, approx 1 year old.
Fully desexed and microchipped and I’m pretty certain she’s had all her jabs.