Anyone know anything about dangerous chemicals.

My fiance is looking at a pair of new earrings for a wedding in January and some girl in the US makes custom tunnels that she’s looking at.
Anyways a few of the pics on her IG page (her username is Peachtreats) are accompanied by comments about the clay she uses to make them is massively dangerous and can cause cancer!

It’s somekind of polymer clay and obviously I’m a tad hesitant to order some (we’ve been through the whole cancer thing before and I’m not that keen to tempt fate).

I told her I’d ask the “helpful and extremely knowledgeable” people on the FOA forum.


More information (composition/brand) and maybe ask mr cee to chase it up with his s.o.

(everything causes cancer)

Once you get a exact name you can search for a MSDS - Material Saftey Data Sheet - basically tells you all about what its gonna do to you.
I have to do this for work at uni dealing with acids and carcinogens etc. How to dispose of them ra ra ra.

Can you go into detail about what kind of clay it is or what the comments are saying in particular?

From my understanding of clay polymer, it’s just PVC plastics (which aren’t harmful unless you melt/sniff them) and Phthalates which aren’t allowed in polymer clay manufacture anymore, they used to be a bit bad for you

I havn’t heard links between polymer clay and cancer before. But pretty well anything can be linked to cancer IMO.

keep in mind that 99% of IG commenters don’t have a background in science…

it’s a phthalate issue from ten years ago that’s been resolved in current formulations it would seem. (caveat, I haven’t looked for refereed papers or done anything more than a cursory search)

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