Anyone know where i can download no cassettes or revoked from?

Ive watched macaframa and mash sf over and over and want something new that i can watch full screen haha. Anyone have any links to fixie movie downlaods?

VUZE has a good search function in it. But don’t download anything Metallica, or Lars will be on your ass with his corporate lawyers !

I didn’t like No Cassettes.

You might though.

I watched some of no cassettes, it was ok, wasnt that great though.

what’s so bad about casettes anyway?

I dont think its bad, i just think its nothing like macaframa or mash

Yeah, it just didn’t do anything for me. I’m not a huge fan of FGFS stuff, especially earlier stuff.

Macaframa is waaaaay slick, but visually it’s nice to look at, No Cassettes just didn’t seem as good production wise, and MASH holds a special place in my heart,