Anyone know where I can get....

Just 1 deep v or b43 in adl?? Not sure if there always sold in a set and I’m only after 1 :frowning: and also those Bo gear frs straps and pedals?? Ta

… any shop should be able to order you just one wheel, or just on rim, in for you! :?

Pretty sure most BO straps are coming from online or there are stockists in other states:

Don’t know about Adelaide though.
Maybe hassle someone to stock them.

As for pedals from what I’ve seen many BO straps are on plastic Animal BMX pedals, for those go see Matt/ Jack @ Little Black Bike.

Hope that helps?

Hugs is looking at selling a front b43.

yeh everyones always selling a front or looking for a rear. they really need to stop selling them in sets haha

Yea that’s my problem I’m looking for a rear at the moment, keep my front and swap the rear for something bit better, might go see if Kim at north adl can do anything for me or might have to get one online :expressionless:

I bought a front Deep V from Bicycle Sexpress. $200, talked down from $225.

You’ll be able to get a rear for the same.

shock! you can get a shamal for $200

Yeah, but Shamal’s don’t come a) built up and b) in black for $200.

yeah for a tubular that’s dented and have bearings that cost like a gazillion dollars to replace. That being said woo hoo… I get my shamal today

they do have ‘campagnolo’ decals on them though :slight_smile:

For $12 I’ll get you some Cylcomondo Campy decals. :wink:

you could put a ferrari decal on your datto 120y too while you are at it :slight_smile:

have you seen this guy in the US?

Sells wheels on ebay, but has a completely customiseable (is that a word?) wheel building website - can pick your own hubs, rims, spokes, etc… Prices, whilst more than the machine built crap on, still seem pretty reasonable, and of course you can just get 1.

Doesn’t have the B43s up there at the moment, but perhaps u could shoot him an email to see if he can get?

went to north adl today and international cycles… north adl wanted 300 to 350 for one rear b43 :-o and international cycles had a plain silver rear deep v for 229 with velocity hub… thinking net or private sale for sure

well if it helps, that longleaf dude quoted me $430 USD for a pair of b43s laced to dura ace hubs, plus $65 for shipping. With miche primato hubs, it was $365 and you could of course get cheaper formula/velocity hubs if you liked, so I definitely reckon you could get just a rear built for under $200 AUD including shipping.