Anyone riding Brissie to the Bay this year ?

Cheap registration ends today.

$49 to register for the 100km ride and $29 for 50km

Just curious to see if anyone plans to do this

Date is Sunday 23rd Feb

doin the 50km

^^ Did you ride last year ?

Rode the 25km route last night just to see the area and try something new. I’ve never ridden over that side before. Seems like a fairly easy ride

If you miss this ride there is always the cycle of giving ride on the Sunday.
100,65,30 odd km options available. I’ll be doing the 100k with some mates.

am registered for the 100.

I have a question. Do you have to raise the additional $200 that they ask you to? ie will they stop you from riding?

I thought the same thing. They ask every rider to raise the money but I don’t know if it is compulsory or not.

I am thinking of signing up for the 50km and doing it with my kids. 11 & 13yo’s

I have heard it is a good day out.

I think you will find that children under 16 are not permitted to do the 50km or 100km course. Not sure about the 25km though

Website says the ride is on 23 June.

Brissie To The Bay

For the 50k - * Please note: Due to safety reasons, children 10 years and under will not be permitted to participate in the 50km course. BMX bicycles and bicycles with 22" wheels will also not be permitted. N.B. Please note this does not apply to recumbents or hand cycles.

My bad, sorry !

I have heard its a good ride, hopefully will have a road bike by then otherwise it’s 50km fixed !

No sweat. I specifically checked as most of the time you are right and the age limits on the kids is fairly high. But I am guessing as it is a ride, rather than a race, the rules are relaxed a bit.

They’ve both done over 50km on dirt in a singel ride, so road should be a walk in the park.

I’ll be fixed, my 11yo on a single speed and the 13yo gets it easy on a fully geared bike.

Bro I did the 200km RTCC last year fixed no bra ks, you’ll pis it in.

I don’t think I would struggle doing 50km fixed but 100 might be a stretch. still a fair while to get that distance up i suppose

How’d you find the RTCC ? I’m defs keen for that this year.

I wanted to do the 100km with Miss Ant in the trailer but they won’t allow it. Should I just do it anyway?

Just get her to jump in after the first corner. They’ll never know 'till you cruise over the line

200km’s, that’s a little out of my league. Have fixed the Bris - GC a few times now though.

Yes. There’s no shortage of people who haven’t ridden a bike for a year or more on these rides, it’s a bit silly to say they’re safe and you wouldn’t be

Yes. Jury has spoken.