Anyone riding Trick in perth?

I’m heading to Perth for the summer and looking for some dudes that ride FGFS ?

I have been riding for about 2 years and I’m hoping the vibes from San Jose are reaching the west coast.!

Yo! About 6 months ago there were a few riding trick, but not really anymore! I’m sure there are still some around I just don’t see them anymore!

A few of us still do plenty of riding, but the only trick we can manage is staying upright after half a carton of beer ha

i ride a bit with about 3 others but we haven’t been riding too much recently.
none of us are too good though except one haha
when are you coming?

go into liberty cycles and hit up kaspar rawlins, haha…or on bookface

lol as if only half…you cadbury! haha just got this mental image of you pouring an export can all down the front of your tee, intentionally!

Kaspar lives in the states now man! ha ha

yeah, thats half a carton between you and me HA HA you aint much better fgt LOL

lolol yack in the middle of the main road whilst crossing it to get to the shop, casually keep walking like ‘not a single fk was given’

did he move over his his american gf or something? spun out! well then theres no one left in perth who decently rides fgfs besides that 16 y/o? from ‘coffin’.

Think we scared them away with our group mash’s overwhelming them and yelling drunken cuss’s (and not ducking) jeez we sound like a bunch of alco’s!! should hit up emu export for a sponsorship since its only us and the republic night club buying it.

Foppa sold his shit and rides BMX now lol
yeah EE sponsorship BOSS


tbh i was actually considering getting a fgfs just for jumps and barspins yo, might just get massan gearing and a 650c instead on the LDG frame hah.


just get a trick fork and 26" on the LDG

Quoted for truth. Almost had a couple of those moments on Sat morning hey HLC…get mah lean awwnnnnnn

That is my trademark trick…that, and the eggbeater foot jam superman supreme

Fuck dat ima chill…next to a cop car on Wellington St ha ha

lol! “foot jam superman supreme” lean sizzurp!

wow ha ha well perhaps ill be tricking solo but I’m always keen for rides and emus! great crew name and props to the saint cloud jumper on the tumblr!! ill be heading over around january, so ill hit up the forum around then.

Cheers for the replies, now im keen

Baller! Gonna be a great Summer of BIG events. Unless its 9 million degrees like last Jan HA HA

Awwwwskeet. I can see it now, summer, beers, mashing, beers, mashing, passing out, chicken wings, beer, mashing, mashing, wating up for Bobby. Kiasu and I are organising a secret event involving 20" bikes, a jump and the swan river. You heard it here first skeeters

did kaspar sell all his shit? i was interested in some other bits but was too broke

before he left to usa u mean?

Dunno, he is still in the states!!!