Anyone road cycling?

Anyone around Adelaide go for decent-ish roadie rides? I do hills every so often, but always better with another rider or two.

Not today in this weather I’m afraid.
What kind of average speed and distance do you pull?


Got no idea what average speed, but probs 50ish km’s usually. and the weather is actually pretty good, do you just ride in the rain or something?


Certainly better than when i posted at 5ish…it was pissing then.

Yeah I just noticed the time you posted. That would be keen. I’ll probably go for a ride some day this week, probably old freeway if you want to join.

I was only up then cos of work. Havn’t done the old freeway for aages. Go at it from Thirkell and Hayward via Mt osmond if you want some nice scenery. Sadly I got to work in the week. Sunday mid morning /lunchtime is my occasional window for extended rides, other than that it’s commuting thats keeps my K’s up.

Hayward is really nice, quiet too… it’s a bit of a climb though, but you’ll only see one or two other people on a Saturday morning at 7am, compared to the old freeway.

I just google mapped Hayward drive, does that take you up around the golf course?

Yep and then a fast descent that hooks into old eagle run up to the bollards.

I reckon I’m going to explore this next ride. I’m at uni so I get to ride during the week, when the hills aren’t crammed full of latte drinking mamils on unnecessarily expensive bikes, its good.