anyone see the new inventors? new bike lock....sorta

saw this one new inventors tonight.

what ya reckon?? i think it has a use but more so for long term lock up (all day etc.) would be a pain in the arse if you are locking/unlocking regularly


Thats a pretty freakin good idea, espicially good for overnight lockups. looks as if it would stand out though. like it says “the thing under here is worth something” so thieves are naturally gonna find someway to get at it.
But pretty rad idea. does it mean you gotta carry around an extra lock aswell?

yeah you need a lock as well as the cover. apparently it rolls up pretty neatly and only weighs a kilo. plus the d-lock…

i love the dude they used for the theif in the demonstration video!! not your average lookin bike thief if you ask me…not that i’ve ever seen one however!


Yeah it’s definitely a good idea, but could you really be fucked tie it up before work when you’re already 10 mins late? Good if you need leave it for a while, maybe in a carpark or something. One of the judges made a very good point, if it were to actually take off, everyone would have the same bike cover and finding your actual bike would be rather hard.

nothing a bit of stencil art or graff wouldn’t fix.

I have actually had this idea a few years ago, (I’m a product designer) I had forgotten about it, my main concern and the thing that put me off was it basically promoted the fact that there was stuff under there.

I reckon it’s hideious!!!

It just says ‘kick the piss out of me’. Retarded.

haha tell us how you really feel!! yeah i tend to agree that it does draw a fair bit of attention…

i don’t think i’d use one. bike’s in full public view when i’m at the cafe, next to my desk at the office and in the locked garage at home.

good luck to her though

Can you “high lock” with one of those? Perhaps a clear cover would be better so peeps could see the cards in my spokes.


what do you mean by high lock? through the top tube?

No, this:

Ha! Jen lives next door to me. I knew she was going on NI but didn’t have the presence of mind to ask what the invention was.

If bike thieves go around with angle grinders and big arse bolt cutters I’m sure they could work out a way to cut through fabric

Maybe longterm, otherwise you’ll look abit stupid doing this every 40minutes or so.

I’m going on TV on NI Captain!

Really? That’s nice…

Great invention atmo.

Guess it doesn’t appeal to the crowd on fixed,
“why buy this wen i can has ulock in back pocket?”

but, for the older “fred” crowd who have everything from a GPS to a thermometer on their bike (i.e. captain commuter)
this thing is perfect. Its the portable version of a bike locker.

Senior moment.

I think my Garmin has an on-board thermometer, must check that out…

if you try and hide something, human behavior wants to see what it is, like those car covers I see people use, makes me want to find out whats underneath. I just keep it simple, the less on the bike the better, less to steal, and the less flashy it looks.