Anyone used Mr Spray Ya Bike?

Just wondering what sort of service is offered- the website looks decent. Any first-hand experiences?


i think he was shutting down the painting business according to facebook

bummer if that’s true. anyone know of anybody else that’s good at swinging a spray gun? i’ve tried it myself and it came up rubbish.

email/phone him. comes recommended from one fyxomatosis

I hope this is not true, wanted to get one of my frames done, but was waiting until after the swap meat.

^I’m fairly certain it is closed. If not already then def very very soon.

if you can’t get hold of jamie you could contact sasha at ponybikes, pretty sure she used him for most of her resprays. i’m sure she’d know

shame if he is, everything i saw of his was pretty mint

Jamie sold to Johan. I used Johan. He painted my fuji, turned out exactly as I asked.
Not as resistant to damage as I had hoped, but I think I expected too much, and he offered to fix the damage free of charge when I pointed it out to him. Really nice guy.

I dunno where you guys are getting your info. The facebook page says nothing about closing, nor does Like Dylan said, Jamie sold it to Johan.

Johanis right here among us.

And the sparkles he did in the ‘FUCK’ look mint as.

^ Unless I am reading a fake spray ya bike page, then this is what he has written.
The End is near…

It is time for me to move on, and this means I wil pull the plug on sprayyabike.
I had my fun, but now I am going back to the real world.

…Sincerely, Johan[/b]

Okay that sucks. So what are the options then? I’m talking a proper respray not some powdercoating machine.

Maybe you are, or maybe I’m blind :slight_smile: I can’t find that anywhere on

But anyway, there’s plenty of contact details for Johan so it shouldn’t be a mystery for much longer.

It’s actually his fb page. But yeah nothing on the website about it.

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Speak to the guys out at Cog Bike Cafe. I think Dan from Shifter recommended them to me a year or so back. I’ve seen their work its very good. They use automotive acrylic - and can do tricky sprays too.

I sprayed my own bike. Auto acrylic on with a proper air setup. Looks top notch. But its such a hassle I wont be bothering DIYing again.

Soda blasting is the best for frame prep. Much better finish than sand or bead.

i used a rattle can on my bike. worked fine :slight_smile:

I’m gonna pc bikes from now.
Then use a bit of ironlak for details or fades if they need it.

yeah, they do amazing stuff