Anzac Day Long Weekend - Monday Ride

Hi All,

To celebrate the fact that the ACT gets a long weekend, I thought it might be good to go for a ride.

Anyone keen?

Yeah, if I’m not riding down at Thredbo I am in. Whats the plan?

I reckon meet somewhere & have a beer before we set off. So Wig & Pen, or Transit etc etc.

As for the ride, maybe people could suggest some routes?

How far do people want to ride? Hills… no hills?

I wouldn’t mind a long ride, if only to get me away from the computer / phone so I can’t be called into work.

Something like …

Civic -> Kingston -> Manuka -> through Forrest to the back of Deakin -> Hughes -> Garran -> Swinger Hill -> Mawson -> Pearce -> back of Kambah -> Fisher -> Warramanga -> Weston -> (under the parkway) Lyons -> Curtin -> Yarralumla -> ANU -> Civic -> beer beer beer.


I think that’s about 50km, give or take a bit.

thats a great ride idea man! could even be done with some mid morning coffee/breakfast at a cafe in civic first, followed by ride ride ride followed by late arvo lunch/beers.

Yeah, that is a nice route. Def keen for that…

Hey, just having a look at the map… the route that you are taking through Kambah, Sulwood drive is pretty narrow for a few riders. There is a bike path that we could take that will tack on a couple of extra kms but it would be safer.

I’m in, making a day of it would be kinda cool, brunch/lunch and then afternoon beers. I’m flex either way.

Have been planning my weekend and not so sure of Monday (will either be very hungover or doing other stuff) any reason we’re thinkin’ Monday and not Sunday???

Hey all Damian here.

  • 1 for Sunday. A longer ride def suits.

If my ankle repairs itself before the weekend, I’m definitely keen for a big ride.

Alright, so lets get this thing locked in. What time and where do we meet? I am keen for an early start… 10ish?

Sounds good. Maybe at the goon-bag in Civic, that way i can have breaky & a coffee at Essen before hand!!!

I think Sunday may be out of the question as it looks like it’ll be raining, but it also says rain on Monday, just not as heavy…

If it rains, I am playing playstation.

Goon Bag is the meet spot @ 10.00am on Monday. Lock it in!

I’m out for monday now, dammit!

Ah well, next time guys.

That sucks bud!

So roll call, according to the posts above we have:

  1. EzyLee
  2. EdLang
  3. Avirusconspires (Injury Maybe)
  4. Simplespeed (Maybe?)
  5. Kerse
  6. BrakeFree

Yeah, I’ll probably be coming too

yeah, does a bit!

side question for ya EzyLee - I’m getting some stuff powdercoated at the place that you recommended to luke a while back…

when you used them, did you find that they did your job in the time that they claimed they would? A “One week turnaround” for my job has just blown out to 2+ weeks… grr…