Anzac Day Weekend

Thinking of coming down to do some riding as your weather forecast looks better then ours. Is there anything special happening in Canberra this weekend I should be aware of being Anzac Day and all?

Thanks folks.

Capital Cross at the velodrome is on Sunday.

I’m out in the mountains as of Friday.

I will probably go MTBing on Sat, either Brindies or Stromlo.

Groovin’ the moo is on the Sunday. Assuming it’s still at the uni like previous years.

Thanks folks, hope I can make it. All depends on the weather as we want to get some decent riding in. And I love Canberra.

I will probably be riding tmrw morning, and then watching Cairns. Let me know if you’d like to come for a spin!

Tom B and I are riding stromlo tomorrow meeting in the carpark around 8:15

Looks like we are not coming down this weekend. Accommodation proved to be to expensive. Will be down soon again.