Apollo Delta

Picked this frame up for cheap from Universe Cycles in Parramatta, got it for my younger brother who wants to get into cycling and commute to and from work, big ups to the boys at Deus Cycleworks for the help constructing it.

Frame: Apollo Delta Road Frame
Headset + Stem + Bars: Came with frame.
Saddle: Charge Bucket
Wheels: Alexrims DA22
Rubber: Maxxis Detonator
Hub: Surly
Crankset: Roselli 165mm
Pedals: Demolition

Parts aren’t too fancy but we were on a bit of a budget and she rides really well, stoked!

Like it. Doens’t look like it’s trying too hard.

Single or fixed? Looks well tidy! Good job!

real nice when those tyres wear whack some gums on it will look killer.

nice photos dude. also nice bike.

Certainly the nicest Apollo I’ve seen.

it’s flip flop, he’s running freewheel right now and will switch to fixed once he’s built a bit of confidence up, he hasnt ridden a bike in 12 years! big difference from his old generic 80’s bmx we used to thrash around.

Those new Roselli cranks look amazing on any build. Best value for money cranks out there! Selling em like crazy at work.

cool cool! make sure he gets some straps!!

and agree with Gypo, I didnt realise the cranks were new, just thought you polished the shit out of them! they look mint!

'bout 1000x better than what I did to my Apollo Jaguar.

Nice. Great bike to get into riding. Love the Roselli cranks too.