Apparently we're "FAMS" ......

Apparently the only people on earth who figured out that shorts and t-shirts are comfortable and that backpacks hold stuff and that simple bikes are fun are messengers. Everyone else is just a fucking wannnabe. hahah

Guess what?


Aren’t bike messengers “FATS”? [Fake-A$$ Trackies]?

“…our bikes”? Who are they kiddin’! :roll:

I think people should stop giving a shit about who started what.

Damn this attitude of “Originators” vs “Posers”.

Just ride your damn bike … whatever it is.


Seconded. Also what should be taken into consideration is that that article was written by an American for American’s, not Aussie’s. We should not have our ideas, beliefs or attitudes influenced by anyone else. Call them FATS, Originators, Posers, Wankers, Separatists whatever, as Des said “Just ride your damn bike…”.

American’s, where’s my Aussie flag…

We’re all posers! Accept it and move on.

I dont give a shit what its called, as long as I’m having fun its all good.

This guy fits in :wink:

He’d wanna take that chainring off.

yes. as long as it impresses sexy babes i’m not that worried :wink:

I prefer “poseur”.

What this guy wrote is a fuck’n pissa:

Hi I have been patiently waiting for my fixed gear to be done so I could send it in to you. Boy OH Boy do I love this bike. Sarah (My Fiancee) and I go for a rides all the time together and we’re in love. Anyways, about the bike. I found it in a dumpster and put some better wheels on it when I saved up enough money. I bought most of the parts from Agee’s Bikes in Richmond, VA. The bottom bracket was seized in the frame so the chain line is off but I don’t care because I usually don’t ride it that much I just walk around town with it to fit in with the cool crowd! Anyways, enough about that hope you enjoy as much as I do! -Braden Govani Richmond

Sums up my attitude perfectly, I’m going walk around with my cock out because I’m a TOOL.

What kind of cool crowd is it that’s impressed by your cock?

Well there’s a crowd of 3 now (me, myself and I) the rest I’m going to have to work on. What about you for starters sailor? :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t impress me.

hahahahahahahaha. I’llm have to buy you a beer for that responce, gold. See you Saturday night.

On the topic of comfortable clothes for cycling…


those of you who keep up with such things will no doubt have heard by now about the situation in New York where there is currently being enacted a law that will require all businesses that employ bicycles as delivery or messenger services to provide for them a helmet, bell, reflectors and if the last part is passed, a reflective vest.
many of the US messengers are up in arms not only about the fact that it is going to require their free spirited asses to put a helmet on, but that it singles them out as a group.
you can find out about it on any of the messenger boards, just follow the howls of protest.
the only bright side that any of them have been able to see is a reduction in the number of hipsters riding as if they are working.
member of the constabulatory -“excuse me sir, where is your helmet”
fam -“i’m terribly sorryofficer, i’m not a messenger, i just look like one”
motc -“oh, yeah, right, well that’ll be a $175 fine for you then laddie”
fam -“fuck, it’s time to start wearing the lycra complete team riding suit again…”

on a related note, a few of the brisbane messengers had to have a word with a new fixie rider who was wandering around town. don’t know who they were, or if they are a member of this forum, but i will reiterate the point made to him… several times, by a few of us.
if you dress so you look like a messenger, and then ride like a complete muppet and hit pedestrians, and then scream abuse at them and tell them to fuck off because you hit them even though you were on the footpath and in the wrong, you will annoy us.
more than that, you will annoy us enough to ask you in an impolite way to cease and desist your behaviour.
it’s all well and good to look like a segment of society, but when your behaviour negativly impacts that groups work and social life, you can expect to be disliked.
and that unfortunatly is the crux of the messenger/everyone else friction.
i work in the city all day, and i can count on the thumbs of one hand the number of pedestrians i have actually hit this year. and she walked out from between two busses. yet according to the local bike cops about 8-10 people a week get hit in the CBD by cyclists. most are only minor little bumps that are just walked off, but a couple a week involve actual injury, even if only minor.
now because of that, we are under added scutiny and more likely to recieve tickets for our admittedly illegal behaviour. talking to the bike cops, they know that messengers are less likely to hit a ped than a casual commuter, if only because we spend all day avoiding them.
so i guess the moral of the story is that if you dress like a messenger youwill be tarred with the same brush as us. and unfortunately the flip side of that is whatever joe muppet does is going to tar all of us. maybe we should all wear dark gray business suits to ride in.