April Fools comes early this year- Schwalbe Durano 'Skid' tyre...

New 2011

For Bikes without Brakes.

Specially developed for “fixie” bikes where transmission braking can lock the back wheel and is extremely tread abrasive. Durano Skid can withstand such “abuse” considerably longer than other tires thanks to its deeper and abrasion resistant tread. Its strong rubber-coated side wall also affords better durability.
Bicycles without brakes are illegal in certain countries.

Or in other words, we wanted to make some more money off fixie hipsters so we grabbed a couple of Durano Plus tyres, scratched off the ‘Plus’ and wrote ‘Skid’ and going to sell them at double the price.

peep’s will buy it. Singling Schwalbe out for trying to make some $'s is silly when you see how much of the industry have preyed on a new niche.

Nothing new <yawn>

also nothing wrong with a bit of competition by a quality manufacturer against some of the other young companies offering skid specific tyres. would be a bit cautious of this ‘abrasion resistant’ rubber though. but hell, we’ve got to buy tyres anyway,

I wonder if you can scratch of the letters -

And they’ll buy them.

Meh I expected better from Schwalbe- it’s one thing for a company like Fixxation to do it, but for ze Germans… The point is there is probably no functional difference between a regular Durano and this Skid specific version, that’s my beef. And there is nothing particularly high-tech about making a tyre will extra rubber on it. Since when did riding a fixie become so specialised?

Well, the claim is that theres more rubber, and its certainly heavier than the plus, so maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt?

Just make sure not to put them on backwards.

Except maybe that it lasts longer?

You’d be surprised at the technology that goes into making a tyre, not to mention the slightest difference in chemical composition having a massive effect on the way a tyre performs and wears…

just sayin, the guys who make tyres really do know what they’re doing.

Okay I’ll bite- the characteristics that would make the ideal skid tyre are the complete antithesis to what would make a good functional road bike tyre IMO. If Schwalbe has been silly enough to to go down this path then it sounds like a fucking shit tyre- ie very hard rubber compound= no grip/ handling/life. :slight_smile:

dude, no grip and no handling is what you want from a rear tyre on a fixxxie!! imagine the mad whip skidzzzzorzz!!!

Who skid stops these days anyway?

cos you don’t want to confuse folks with tyres that read DIKS ONARUD EBLAWHCS


you brought this on yourselves

He is absolutely right.

yep…all it needs now is a favourable review on FGG, or Dennis Bean Larson to trial them on the Wabi.

So… thread dig. Anyone ever use one of these? They’re $25 on Wiggle which is half the price of Rando’s in stores here and they’re 25c, which is nice because I struggle to fit 28’s sometime.

I’ve been using the the Schwalbe Durano’s on my road bike no problem.

Do it JLN and do a reivew!

YES! And you’ll be the ultimate hipster