architecture for bikers

motorbikers really, but still, i can imagine living in a place like this, it’s a liitle old, but still cool, keep a stack of bikes downstairs, pick one and ride out the door.

Yukio Asari of Love Architecture Inc. has designed an apartment building in Setagaya, Tokyo specifically for motorcycle riders. The three story steel framed structure has living space and a narrow garage area on the bottom floor, just big enough to fit a motorcycle, or perhaps a bunch of bicycles. It’s good to see a design that focuses on the growing niche of alternative transportation users.

Why is the bathroom in the garage?

probably so it’s easy to clean bike parts in the sink and bath… i know thats what i do

pretty nice for something so compact.

i wonder what a re-scaled version, based on bicycle dimensions, might look like… 1.8m wide plan, so you could turn you bike sideways… 420mm wide stairs, to suit you handlebars… would probably put a different grate on that drain too…

Arghh only in Japan, those apartments look quite large by Japanese standards.

Wait, wasn’t WWDIS a zine?