Are my carbon bars toast?

Noticed a slight stress mark on my carbon handlebars, took them off the stem and have noticed the clamp area has indented from the stem. The indentation I assume may be fairly normal, but I’m concerned about the slight stress mark that you can see on the first photo on the right, where the outer layer looks to have pinched a bit.

The bars are 3T Ergonova Ltd. The stem is an Extralite Ultrastem. Tightened to the recommended torque of 3Nm and used carbon paste.

Am I being paranoid? I sent an email to 3T to advise.

Mine did the same thing and I rode them for ages, I swapped out to new alloy ones though as my carbon ones were about 4-5 years old

probs fine but I would wait for Smuglord’s verdict. That said, guess which sensations will enter your head at 80 clicks?

Looks to me like justification for a new bike

I just had the same thing with my Ergonova bars and sent them back in for warranty last Friday. Carbon paste and correctly torqued to within the recommended range. It may have been nothing, but not worth finding out the hard way.