Are Time ATAC pedals only MTB-shoe compatible?

I’m currently running clips & straps on my bikes, but I’m interested in switching to clipless.

For those of you who ride a bunch of different bikes (road, track, trail), do you run the same pedals & shoes on all bikes? I’m interested in switching to Time ATAC pedals + MTB shoes for my daily beater & mountain bike, but if I were to buy road shoes in the future would these be compatible with the Time ATAC pedals?



MTB are 2 bolt, Road are 3.

If you wanna use Time ATAC pedals + 3 bolt road shoes the only option is an adapter plate. Like this one from crank bros

I am in the process of testing the plate out on a new pair of road shoes, i’ll let you know how they feel.

Some road shoes are both 2 and 3 bolt compatible.

I run SPD-SLs on road and track, and ATACs on street and mtb.

o RLY Esteban? This i did not know. What shoes you rocking?

None of mine are compatible with both.

But these are:

Ah, makes sense. I’ll have to make sure I keep my eyes out for some shoes that are 2 & 3 hole compatible.

Have you modded your SPD-SLs to take straps for on the track, or is it not necessary?

Not really ‘modded’ but 2 cable ties hold a set straps in place.

hmmm, depends on your power output. if you’re a huge kilo rider, you need the straps.

if you are anything else, they’re not really necessary.

Some sidi road shoes have 2 and 3 bolt patterns
if your going to run ATACs then the only real bonus is the mtn bike shoes…
If your going to use a road shoe then there are other more solid pedal systems that also weigh less…

Long spiel on speedplays precariously imminent.

But you are right!

haha naaa that’s heatseekers misson not mine I like em but it’s all very subjective…
Only thing I’m saying is ATACs are not the best fixed pedals but If u wana use mtn bike shoes they are the best choice… If your going to use road shoes there are a lot of other options…

From what I’ve heard speedplays on a fixie (brakeless) isnt really recommended as they will pull out under load.

only if you snap the spring… By the way they are designed even if you crash there is no pulling out… You hav to turn out of em…
The speedplay X pedals are scarry fixes cause there I to much float an at 15 degrees your. Out no click or any thing
the zero ordeals are a different ball game…
They rule, snap in tight and you can adjust the float…