Are you still riding a track bike?

Post a picture, tell a story.

I ride this to the gym and to pick up takeaways :slight_smile:


This one had been gathering dust as the seatpost continued to slip and the solution evaded me.

Finally realised all I needed was a new grub screw that I could put some decent torque into.

Yes, that’s as level as I can get the saddle.

Still commute on my fixed gear Kona Paddywagon, but not a real track bike so probably doesn’t count.


dont think ive ever ridden a trackbike :man_shrugging:

but this was the most recent one i picked up, a hunge got me thomson, CK and 75s on a powder coated schwinn madison

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Sometimes I ride this Gan Well Pro. It’s very fun. I got it in Tokyo 9yrs ago, in a 2 for 1 with a Samson. Maybe I should’ve kept the Samson, but still love this. I don’t love riding brake less though, so it’s mostly a short weekend cafe ride

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Glad to see we’re still out there. Must be nearly time for the next revival

better check with @iwearmoccos
as for me, I ride my 1x1 a bit but don’t have a functioning sw8 fixxie at present… :disappointed_relieved:

Still have the Bundy, still think it’s great. Still only ride it about twice each summer… (Shrugs)


I still think your Bundy is great as well :smiling_face:

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I’m still rolling around on this thing. It’s set up to be pretty comfy which is nice. I recently rode my first century on it too!