Arm Warmers.

Anyone rock em?

Yep, just black ones.

awesome in winter. especially since i always ride in a tshirt.

worth the money i say

ps make sure you buy the right size though

Yeah I’m considering getting some for the cooler crisp morning we’ve been getting. I want to know if they’re worth it.

My girlfriend laughed at me.

I’ll show her!

they really don’t look too dorky.

i bought some that were too big a while back. now they are leg warmers.

Rock the arm warmers. easier to get off than a long sleeve while you riding. Roll them down to you gloves

They must be some big ass arm warmers

arm warmers are sweet. better then sweet is a long sleeve cycling jacket with removable zipper sleeves :slight_smile: preferably MAPEI

he’s just got little chicken legs. :wink:

arm warmers rule. it’s so much easier to pull them off/down (at the lights or while you’re riding along) than taking off a jumper/jacket. got me some new leg warmers yesterday. wooo!

I have these pearl izumi woolen ones, much more breathable,
A must in winter.

thermal under a tshirt works ok for me.

jolan i got some brand spankers seamless ones that dont fit. if your arms are smaller than 40 cms round should be ok. pm me if ya want a look. G

kinda on topic… what do you guys wear on your legs?
I was wearing skins, but they are a PITA for the rest of the day. First thing in the morning its too cold to wear nothing though…

Knee warmers under shorts. They just go from mid quad to mid calf. Perfect.

Netti’s Super Roubaix arm and leg warmers are a good cheap option as well. Combined with a regular jersey and a baselayer or gillet you’ve got a pretty good set up.

I have a pair of Lab Gear merino arm warmers. They are one of my favourite pieces of kit.

Are they back up and running again?

I got a pair of those on Saturday. Wore them last night and this morning with a t-shirt.

Working pretty well so far.