Arn't some people looking for X-smal road bikes?

CANNONDALE R800 Ladies small Mavic wheels Shimano groupset road triathalon bike | eBay

I know its in tri-mode, but has possibilities. . .

Not sure id let my girl ride a ball breaker Alu frame like the 2.8

Afraid of her sprint? :slight_smile: thats a cool little bike! K loved her klein a lot, no balls broken over the couple of years she rode it.

I’ve got a similar cannondale. With a carbon fork and 25c+ tyres it’s perfectly tolerable.

Also, I thought this thread was about x-small road bikes: that thing is still too big for my wife :slight_smile:

48cm square- surely that’s getting close!!

maybe, but check out the pedal overlap…

Sounds like Surly or Soma small 26" road frames might be the solution.


Yep, my bad

48 square is surely XS or smaller!

sizing by effective tt according to me

XXL - 63+cm
XL- 60-62
L- 57-59
M- 54-56
S- 51-53
XS- 48-50
XXS- 47cm and below.

Yeh, probs. I’m not in the market anyway, but if I ever am again, it’ll be 650c all the way.