Around The Bay '08

Who’s keen? I’m thinking of the 210km clockwise with ferry. The 250km and 210km anti-clockwise have sold out already :frowning:

[wagging finger]I told you the counterclockwise option was filling fast[/wagging finger],3863.0.html

Bit ridiculous to have to plan 7 months ahead though. Although you could always book and then sell your rego on in September to a grasshopper who was chillaxing all summer if you don’t want to ride it.

About time BV debottleneck the ride to allow more people to participate. Ferry spaces?

I’m doing the 210, counterclockwise, same as last year.

I reckon I’ll pass. There’s always too many heroes that think it’s a race.
If it’s a particularly nice day I might just ride down to Sorento and back. There’s talk of a double lap next year (~400km) which I’d do just for bragging rights.

I’m planning on being there next year, a double lap sounds interesting.

I’m booked to do it again (250 k counterclockwise) but not sure if I’ll do it fixed or take the vintage geared ride. One or the other for some variation will be on the cards.

pantomime horse costume.

I desperately want to do this but own neither. Not sure I’d want to do 250km in a horse costume either.

do they have one that is around 4k?

dan sale here…

i did 240 km on the track bike last year. mt eliza was fun brakeless!

croydon to city, then to sorrento, and headwind back to the city. good times :slight_smile:

With so many bottle neck problems and so many heroes, I’d like to think that we could organise a trip on another day, book some space on the ferry and ride the rest (for free!) Though, I’m still not so sure I’d be up for it, I rode the 210 fixed in 2000 and knackered myself. (crap, that was a long time ago… on an 85 inch gear if I recall correctly)


Yeah, I’m glad I did it last year but I’m not tempted to fork out for it again - too many people, too much money etc.

Unofficially, on the other hand, I’ve got a route mapped out that takes in the 250km course with added detours to Arthur’s Seat and the You Yangs. Price: Free. Crowds: None.

Hopefully have a crack at it before christmas, jebus willing.

A coupla years ago I did ‘around part of the bay in some of the day’ – train to Frankston, ride back to Williamstown with the horde. Didn’t drink enough and hit the wall in Newport. Oops.

So yeah um willy - city - franger - portsea - franger - city - willy anyone? :lol:

So who is interested in a sort of fake Around the Bay this year? Be great if we could get a crew together.

I’d be interested in a longer distance fixed ride of some sort as a general proposition - maybe pre - xmas or later in the new year.

Will otherwise be riding ATB this year.

I reckon xmas day. Extended families suck.
I rode out to my aunt’s house last year for xmas lunch and the roads were completely dead. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was having a great time. I just wanted to blow off lunch and keep riding. I dare say it’d probably get more dangerous later in the afternoon

By then, you’d be a long way out of town. :slight_smile: