Around the Bay in a Day

Evening People,

I’m considering completing the full 250km around the bay in a day on my fixie. Anyone out there done/attempted/intending to do it ?

I regularly ride 100km from Port Melbourne down to Frankston and other then a mildly sore back I’m fine. I figure if I get a set of bullhorn bars so I can lean further forward I should be laughing!

Or am I just deluding myself ?


you’ll be fine. 70-75 GI is about right.

fuck that shit. come race rollers instead.

I figured it would be an achievement on a fixie. Especially considering my mates all ride carbon road bikes and I constantly flog them…

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good luck :smiley:

Did you do it? I did the 100 and my boys are numb, numb!

Went for a ride yesterday in the opposite direction to the bay, a sort of ‘anti round the bay’… :evil:

Saw the masses crossing the Westgate at 6AM… damn there were a LOT of riders!

i had a mate from work whose friends were going to do it, he was taking bets as to how far they would get until they bailed. one of them completed, was hilarious, he will be in all kinds of pain today.

Hadn’t ridden for around two and a half weeks (sick for most of that too). Got dragged out for a smash fest with the TR boys to Portsea and back, kind of like two Hell Rides back to back. Ended up with 204 kms with an average of 38.7km/h.

Good way to blow out the chest infection that’s for sure. Sooooo many punters out though, easily the most dangerous day on the Melbourne cycling calender. Even had some muppet kamikaze into the side of me at one stage, didn’t look back. :lol:

Went for a ride up in the Dandenongs as a protest. It was a beautiful morning for a ride and I didn’t miss doing ATB one iota.


We missed you, and whichever hot bike you would have brought to the roller racing, Stu.

I know! I put my apologies in in advance but had family commitments to attend to. Next time…

The Dande’s ride was at ‘married blokes with children’ time ie 6am depart.

Felt like a complete tool on Sat as some other friends lined up a ride that morning for a 4.55am start which I showed up to (in rainjacket, mudguards attached and in pouring drizzle) in time to read my phone with a text saying ‘ride cancelled’ … hate that :-(.


I saw one guy at the end who had ridden fixed. Dark coloured frame with bright orange wheels.

I am not a particularly strong rider, but respect. (I rode my roadie. Longest ride I have been on)

It was a great day. Shame the sun didn’t make more of an appearance, but it didn’t rain, which was good.

I was going to do it this year. I’ve never ridden that far but nothing ventured nothing gained eh?.
To bad I haven’t been on the bike in 5 weeks and only had the bit of metal holding my broken hand together removed today. News is it still needs to be in a cast for 2 more weeks. I’m really fucking bummed out.

Did the full 250 fixed. Ended up with both achilies a bit sore today but other than that it was ace fun. Best bit was cruising past everyone going up the hill at Mt Martha from the roundabout.

I did the 100k fixed. longest I have ridden before that was maybe about 70k.
The hills werent as bad as some people had made it out to be. having bullhorns definately helped with the climbing. Got a few compliments from some roadies as well as some “Good Luck with the hills”.
Overall it was an easy and pleasant ride, and definately felt abit dangerous with so many punters on the road! I’d like to do it again but abit further, though it feels like a large jump to go from 100km to 200km…

Did Melbourne - Sorrento - Melbourne (not fixed) – but did see one champ on a Bianchi Pista down at Sorrento. He must have been setting some serious pace, it was only 8:45.