art imitating life

Joseph Gordon-Levitt crashes through the rear window of a New York taxi while shooting Premium Rush, “An action story set in New York City, where a bike messenger picks up a package at Columbia University and subsequently catches the attention of a dirty cop.”

idk maybe he was daydreaming

it happens

deja fucking vu

Third Rock From The Sun.


he needs a new tattoo. and maybe an extra finger on his right hand: GETBR AKES

seems way too happy

thats because he has legit messenger street cred now. i’d be that happy if i got paid movie star salary to ride around new york all day

Maybe he thought it was a dream?

Is that the actor out of Inception?
I walked out of it about half way through.

Christ, what’s wrong with you? I was ejaculating about half way through it.

[Edit: In retrospect, maybe we were in the same cinema and that’s what caused you to leave.]

Sorry, who is this guy?

also in 500 days of summer (which was a snore-fest) not even saved by what’s her face.
and the alien tv show.

and you can’t forget the hipster flick, Brick.

Zooey Deschanel, only reason to watch that movie…

did a family member die or something

^ no it was wasting my time watching it.

mysterious skin was a good movie. he was in that

i quite like brick. then again, i do have a pair of wayfarers.

Inception = Massively over-rated.

And this is 100% a publicity stunt.


You didn’t see what I did there.
Yeah Ianhuman_xX no footage = didn’t happen. If he needed 30 stitches he woulda been thrown into the back of an ambulance. I was going to bring up astroturf… and psst, Inception was the best Disney film I’ve seen in a long time …

imgur dump (all via reddit.)

Ha ha ha, that’s amazing.

I knew Nolan couldn’t dream that up by himself.