artistic cycling in oz

in the late 80s!

at a 1200-seat cabaret smorgasbord restaurant in ferntree gully?

The Swagman Restaurant was a restaurant in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Australia, which opened in 1972 and burnt down in 1991.

it was alleged the owners burnt it down? lol. i wish it was still around.

The Swagman burnt down at 4:30 a.m. on May 27, 1991.[4] The fire was front page news in Melbourne. The insurance firm Royal Insurance alleged arson and refused to pay the $7 million claim made by the owners of the restaurant, who then sued for the amount.[5] The case was confidentially settled in October 1992.[6] After the settlement, however, the owners were sued by the ANZ Bank, who also alleged arson.[7] The restaurant was not rebuilt after the fire.

hehehe, I remember that place. A truly awful nightclub called “Stylus” dredged itself up from the ashes. Someone should have put a match to that too. FTG FTL.

Aaaah The Swagman :smiley:

Delivered many, many Gorillagrams out there, back in the day…

Delivered many, many Gorillagrams out there, back in the day…

Pics please.


Agreed, pics or it didnt happen… :smiley:

Was it ‘The Swagman’ or ‘The Swagmans Hat’? i thought it was the later Anyway i been there. I had Crumbed sausages from the kids menu and threwup in the car on the way home. damn windy roads.

used to do the same thing at ‘Billabong family restaurant’ in Bulleen; Sausage in batter—throw it up on the way home (or in ‘Billabongs’ case in the playground).

i was a sensitive child

It happened, for three happy years. Might be a pic or two in the archives, it was the early 80’s, when cameras were steam powered and we used flammable nitrate stock…

Also did God Grams. Never did strippergrams, there wasn’t much market for my strange parody of the human form.

2 different venues IIRC

i thought stylus got burnt down too??

more nostalgia… Billy Bob’s in knox city