As if magpies and motorists aren't enough...

[i]wallabies[/i] FFS?

once when i was racing with the northern combine a kangaroo jumped into the bunch, hit a guy (who somehow remained upright), skidded on the ground then jumped back into the paddocks.

it’s a shame he didn’t contest the sprint.

I’ve heard of people hitting bush turkeys. Unpredictable little f*ckers…

A mate of mine did the Cairns to cape a few years back.
200 or so kms out of port douglas a big red came out of the bush and t-boned him. Ruptured and artery in his forearm and had to get air lifted to Cairns base hospital. Surgery and rehab followed.
Not being one to give up he did the trek the following year when they did a documentry on it.


There were scores of Kangaroos & wallabies on the trails at Stromlo last weekend. I had to stop to let a joey jump back in the pouch.

watch out for wombats man! those things are solid as hell and they won’t move for anything

i’ve always wanted a pet wombat, or maybe even be one for a week, that’d be sweet

Damn straight! And their fucking holes are big enough to swallow a 29er wheel or seven. Don’t go out chasing them at night either. They do charge. One even fractured my mates shin with his head (not funny). Another mate crawled down a hole and got mange (Fuckin hilarious that one though).

The amount of WTF in that sentence is amazing.

Quokkas on Rottnest Island will not move out of your way EVER, and its a $1000 fine for hurting (read hitting) the oversized rats.