Asylum Bike

this is my first bike that i have built at home. the last one was done at the bike store that I work at. This is a old nishiki frame that has been sand blasted and powder coated peral white. It has velocity deep v (like every other fixie) i love it heaps and it looks awesome at night. But i am selling it on ebay as i need the coin for a new car :cry:. let me know what you think.


sweet,nice ride nic the white is just the right amount.

thanks man i am pretty stoked with it. have to admit i thought there was to much white but then i finished it and i recon it looks perfect !!

fuck the car man! Ride the bike. :wink:

Gotta agree with the statement above.
Why get a car when you have such a nice ride?
It really is a beautiful bike.

You don’t want to know what I think when some one tells me they are replacing a bike with a car.

i am not replacing a bike with a car i still ride everyday. i just need a bigger car as i now have a bigger family, so the car is for the wife :-D. And thanks for the comments on the bike.

Sell the wife, keep the bike.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hahahaha if only i could (just joking)

Bigger family dosent mean you need a car.
If I saw a whole family riding down the street on matching bikes I’d cry (in a good way)

when someone trades in bike for car, god kills a kitten…

still, very tidy build man, the black and white contrast works well

i recon god kills a kitten with a small puppy to be honest with you.

and thanks for the comments guys

how many dora you sell pretty pony for?

it is on ebay with a starting bid of $500

You might be pushing your luck there.

we will see :smiley: