Asymmetric forkend?

So I just took my new frame out of the box, but when i was trying to see how my rear wheel fit into the frame, I just couldn’t slide the axle in on one side of the fork end. then I got a tape and measured them. This is what I got:

are they meant to be like that?


Nope, it’s bent. Should bend back ok.

If you are unpacking a new frame and the track end is squashed I would strongly suggest that you measure the frame to make sure it has not been damaged /bent in transit. If it has then it is an insurance case, Document and photograph everything before you proceed any further

full face

any particular way to do that?

checked! I’ve got the photograph of the process…


It’s repairable, I recently got a vintage frame repaired with the same injury.

Took it to the local reputable bike shop/frame builder, isn’t really a complicated or necessarily difficult thing to mend but I preferred to have it done by a frame builder who knew what he was doing.

I’ve also had a similar problem, if its no more than 2mm it can be filed easily enough. Take to lbs if you’re sqeamish with fiddling with frames. Sending it back to shop/ place of purchase if you’re able to if better though.

yea, i think that’s what i’m gonna do…

the seller suggested me to pry it using a screwdriver…

Prying with a screwdriver would be pretty average i would have thought. It would twist the ends laterally and ruin them more.

that’s why I’m not risking it by doing it by myself…