ATAC replacement springs and pins.

So, just bought some ATAC Aliums off ebay. The seller said they worked, but it turns out the springs are fucked. Nik told me that they can be rebuilt, and I found a tutorial, so here I am, wondering if anyone knows where I can get some replacement springs and pins for the rebuild? Google isn’t bringing up anything!

had a look and found
did you mention it to the seller on ebay?

Thanks for the link. I shot him an email about it. I’ve wanted these pedals for a while, so I think I’ll just rebuild them, and hopefully get the seller to pay for the parts.

EDIT: On second thought, rebuilding them with all the new parts isn’t going to be worth it. hopefully the seller refunds me.

Anyone have some ATACs they want to sell? :smiley:

epx used to have a box of them, maybe evan@cyclic still has some?

dont give up. get the pedals one way or another. they are SO worth it.

have them on both my bikes. but none to spare. sorry.

Evan at Cyclic is hooking me up with a set :smiley:

what shoes you bolting them cleats to?

northwave raptors. fitted my foot really well, and i got them for a really good price, so i’m happy.

i love my atacs!!