Attaching bottom bracket cable guides.

I need to attach a plastic bottom bracket cable guide to my steel frame. There’s a hole there… Are these usually riveted on?

Usually screwed in, M5 IIRC. Cheap bikes are riveted in (I’ve drilled them out before) or the guide has a snap in plastic anchor.

You could tap the hole to suit a bolt depending on the current diameter.

Or you could glue it in place, and the cable tension will help keep it there.

Glue hey…? What type Glue, like decent super glue…?

Also, I bought some Tektro CR720’s for the Shogun at Box Dog. Had a play last night and they worked perfectly. Plenty of adjustment.

Use an epoxy glue, super glue is quite brittle and probably wont last long.

But I would recommend just tapping an M5 thread in there and screwing it on

duct tape.



Cum again?

get it tapped

JLN, I’ve got an M5 tap if you need it. Also plenty of screws to uh, screw around with.

Can we tap that shit sometime this week?

You don’t need to fix them with anything- the cables will hold it in place- maybe just a bit of heavy duty double sided stuff.
On a lot of frames there is no hole for the water to drain out after riding in the rain…the only hole in the bottom bracket is the one for the cable guide, if you drill anotehr one- chances are you’ll invalidate the warranty??? and if it’s a steel frame you will end up having to some how make sure it doesn’t rust and start a crack.
But if you do drill and tap a hole- make sure the bolt is very short so that is doesn’t interfere when you fit the bottom bracket.

It’s an old Shogun frame from the early 90’s, so I’m not too concerned about warranty (I don’t think there would be any on there anyway).

I’ll tap the one that exists to fit the guide.

I’d be a bit apprehensive to allow the cable tension to hold it in place cause I’m only running a rear derailleur, no front.

Most plastic guides have two holes, so drill another hole, leave one open and tap one for a screw.

Or just glue it. I’ve also prised off glued ones before when rebuilding frames.

blakey is drilling holes in BB shells for drainage a good idea or not? i have one bike with no holes in the BB shell and when i took it apart on the weekend i was amazed at the amount of rust-coloured sludge that poured out. would like to do something to prevent it, just worried it might cause a crack…

A small (~4mm) hole in the BB isn’t going to cause cracking. It’s good to let the water drain or you’ll end up with internal corrosion unless you regularly take the seatpost out and sit it upside down.

Strip your frame, clean out the moisture and gunk, coat internally with Framesaver / inox / WD40 / fishoil / etc and drill, and rebuild.

You’ll get many opinions, both for and against holes in BB shells. I’m all for them … most modern shells are cast and plenty thick enough to handle a small hole drilled underneath.

perfectly feasible.

I stuck one in place using “Shoe Goo” b/c the bottom bracket shell didn’t have the appropriate hole (and the Shoe Goo was the closest-to-hand sticky stuff). Still firmly in place after about 4 years.

I used double sided tape. Worked a treat!