ATTENTION DONORS - Subscription info

Hello donors.

As mentioned in the other membership thread some of you were unsure about whether Donor payments would be taken from your account on an automatic renewal basis.

Without having access to Nickj’s paypal account, I can’t tell you for certain if this was an “opt out” type deal upon setup, but i’m pretty much certain it wouldn’t have been setup that way.


However, I can’t remember from my own membership process if this was the case or not.


How to Cancel a Recurring Payment in PayPal: 11 Steps - wikiHow - please note, Step TWO is incorrect. Instead of clicking “more options”, please click the “Profile” link instead

This will guide you through the process of how to cancel a recurring payment (though obviously we’d love it if you continued to support FOA as a Donor). But I don’t want anyone being down $20 if they don’t wish to do so.

Check it, let me know if any questions, and thanks again for your support.

ps - if i figure out how to email all registered donors i’ll be doing that too, i understand some current donors may not be as active as they were 12 months ago and may not see this post.

Mine didn’t function exactly as above, but its close enough to figure out. Will re-donate in 12 months or so if I can, cheers for giving peeps the option Rolly.

it definitely WAS set up as a recurring transaction when i donated 18th Sept 2012, not sure if it changed subsequently.

also fyi, the instructions within the How-To link provided didn’t work for me - i wasn’t given the ‘More Options’ option under Profile.

@familyguy - no worries, the decision was two-fold:
1 - we definitely didn’t want to be deducting money that people couldn’t, or didn’t want, to donate, that would’ve been a shit move.
2 - the time and hassle of having to investigate refunds or whatever would’ve been a nightmare, especially with nickj currently bobbing along somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean.

was yours also a recurring payment that required cancellation?

@bricktop - thanks for letting me know. the process was slightly different to the instructions for me too actually, but i ended up just clicking ‘Profile’ tab when the ‘more options’ link wasn’t included in the drop down menu.

Yeah, it was set as recurring, to be paid again July 2014.

Mine was a recurring payment that required cancellation.

mine was a donation to CEBU airlines.

yep, mine was set up as recurring, next payment in September 2013.

Navigation as below

My Account > Profile > My Money > My PreApproved Payments > click ‘update’

this should pull up all your recurring payments, then just click on NickJs/FOA one to cancel/keep paying

yeah, I should probably say IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU KEPT YOUR DONOR STATUS, don’t go misinterpreting my post as some indication I want you to stop…

I just want this process to be as transparent as possible.


So if it says active, its going to recurrently donate? Thats fine with me, less thinking, ideal.

yup. thanks mate :slight_smile:

No thanks needed, I’ve taken more out of FOA than FOA has taken out of me!

It just deducted my payment automatically so all good.

I cancelled my recurring payment a few weeks ago. I just received an email saying “If you do not extend your subscription, access will be removed.”

Is this correct? Seems a bit harsh.

No, no access will be removed. Usually, vbulletin subscriptions are used to give people access to stuff that non-subscribers don’t get.

FOA uses subscriptions only to collect donations, in effect. Since there is nothing additional on the forum you get by donating, there is no ‘access’ to remove.

tl;dr - don’t worry about it. Nothing bad happens.

edit: oh and I don’t think there’s anything we can do about the email wording at the moment because NickJ is in the middle of an ocean somewhere. It’ll get fixed up when he’s back I think.

snowflake is correct, there’s no additional access, so all it should do is untick one small box in the admin control panel. this is so we know who to email any relevant discount codes if we’re doing more tees etc.

if, for whatever reason, you can’t access FOA like you used to, please email me - - and I’ll fix it for you.


I’d pay extra for touching moderators … question is how much and what will that get me :confused:

I’ll transfer my payment tomorrow as long as Spizza keeps his grubby hands away from me… and someone provides proof that alexb618 actually rides a bike.

Let’s talk.