attn: anyone who respects proper grammar

please join with me in correcting <a href=“”>trackosaurusrex</a>

explanation required

i fucked up the html

in the Outlier Summer Shorts Review… they claim unnoticeable is a made up word.

“While there may not be any benefits of riding a bicycle in these shorts…I did find them quite comfortable while in the saddle. All the seams are tight and very small, almost unnoticable(made up word) on the bike”

i have replied expressing my disgust.

i noticed that as well and wondered what drugs the guy was on. they teach strange things in schools in america, maybe they refuse to recognise that some words exist.

he spelt it wrong anyway. case of convergent evolution

4th result in google for “noticeable”

Mckenny as a kid:

Horatio as an old man

Woah! Harsh!

look on the bright side, at least you’ll always have a date on Saturday night :wink:

(stolen from htatbl)

What an orsum psyop it would be to pop a pair of these down the back of the knicks at the next velodrome session. You’d hypnotise anyone behind you, then they’d fall off.

Lol… is a great idea

i like where this thread went.

plan a was a kabana down the back, equally wtf :smiley:

image search “dickbutt”