AU - EUR flights Jun/July

Paging the f.o.a hivemind: Any Melbourne to Major European City cheap flight tips?

Looking at [peak] June/July -

Also interested in this!

I booked my flights for April a few months ago through Air Asia, one way for just over $500.

Flying Via KL to London from Melbourne.
They have crazy big sales on every now and then, so i just signed up for email offers and got lucky. You might have some luck, but the chances of finding good deals in June/July are going to be slim.
Worth a try anyway

klm were the cheapest when i went last year around then.

they’re allied with qantas so the first leg was with them which was good too.

^ I did the same thing - got return trip to Paris for about 1k.
Subscribe to all airlines and keep an eye out. Will be hard to get flights now though that are cheap - it is peak time.

i’m looking to head over around july/august. i can’t find anything that’ll give much change out of $2500 :frowning:


My housemate got some ridiculous $350 melb to London one way deal with them not so long ago. Seems like they have fairly regular sales and are worth keeping an eye on

I don’t know if it still happens. But I used to sign up with YHA for around $80 a year and the discount on flights was amazing. Last time I did this was about 8 years ago though.

i think i’m too old for YHA…?

^It’s about $10 a year more if you are over 26. I’m pretty sure that anyone can join, as they have family memberships too.

EDIT: No age limit.

Where have you been looking? I found a flight to Stockholm a few weeks ago for under $1000 and that was only playing around with flights in the next few weeks to check prices.

This was through webjet and i’m sure that you could get something to London or some major city cheaper.

webjet, flight centre, individual airlines’ sites…

just booked return flights in august to london on skyscanner.
Via Air Asia. Was $1600 before i added on extra legroom/checked baggage/meals…

Singapore just sent out an email to its frequent flyers saying 1900 return to Paris over European summer.

Hey Nick,

Another excellent search engine is - see what they come up with?