Audax ride: 6 august

I’m considering doing my first Audax ride on the 6th of August, if family commitments etc pan out for me.
Looking at doing the 200km, it’s about 90% on roads I’ve covered a lot and it’s all really decent low-traffic stuff once you get out of Parramatta and past Castle Hill.

Anyone vaguely interested in getting involved? As noted above, I’m tentative.

Nothing new in the route and buts its on a Saturday! I’ll do it.

This looks boring AF, can I do it on my Fixie? Would be an exciting challenge.

Looks good. Count me in as tentative. I’ve thought about doing an Audax ride lots of times, but have never quite made it.

Soz will be busy riding around Paris and also just nah.

I’ll tentatively half raise my hand for this.

Hold the phone. I’ll be riding around Europe.

Classic Lorday. You and Harry gonna get a tandem?

Got your Hi-Vis with you HM?

Nah, but we’ll share a one man bivvy.

Rapha Brevet jeresy meets min requirements. No #commutercup high vis needed.

I knew there was a reason I bought that jersey.

Now I need one. I missed out on their last sale and now I’m kicking myself.

Circumstances have changed and I can’t do this ride :frowning:

I might attempt the course or a shorter version of it on the preceding Monday as I have a day off. Maybe.

Classic Jono.

I know right.

One of my colleagues has taken a 12 month secondment. She usually does a Saturday morning news alert for the head honchos, and I’m taking that on. Best part is that I get 3 hours time in lieu for 1 hour of work, which over the year adds up to about 150 hours of extra leave.
So it’s a bummer, but also means I’ll have an extra month of leave up my sleeve to do whatever with.

You could do 30 Audax rides and miss this 1. Classic maths guy.

This guy gets me.

Does this mean no Sat morning rides for you for a year Jono?

Sat mornings have been out for me for a while, cos of kid’s swimming lessons at a really bad time. So it’s not really that big a deal, except if something good happens on a Saturday.

Name 1 time a good thing happened on a saturday. EVER.