Ausbike 2013 11-13th October.

You guys got some smoking hot gear on your website

Went today to have a look around on ‘industry day’ without all the punters of the weekend, extremely underwhelming. Huge lack of big players and nothing very exciting, was a real shame. I was really looking forward to scoping out all the new SRAM kit, (X01, and the 22 road/hydro road/CX lines) but neither Monza or Echelon were represented. Shimano was absent, as were heaps of the other household names. No Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, etc. Giant have a stand with a good array of bikes but yeah…

Anyway, was rad to finally meet EzyLee, and talk shit with Blakey and Hamish.

I have two more days of this shit - anyone who is in the area, come on down - I have free passes I can give out. Even if it’s for 15 minutes! Mobile is 0411 682 377, message me and reap the industry rewards.

Ps - awesome to finally meet you Sime, thanks for the lunch Blakey, rad to meet you hamish, Rolly and JDL + pony crew - thanks for the booze hangs… Everyone else… Come say hi and keep me company and bring me
Lunch tomorrow/today

Sounds like I won’t be going.


I might hit you up for an industry pass tomorrow. I’ll give you a call if I decide to come.



For sure! Just text me and I will meet you outside with the pass. I’m only going to be there for half a day though as I have to fly out at 3:00pm

Had a quick look today, was happy to get some cheap clothing from the di grandi stand.

Just a quick thanks for those that helped me enjoy what essentially was a working weekend for me. Big high 5’s to Blakey who kept me from not having to eat the venues catering and bringing me delicious meals each day. Pony crew + Rolly + dead_legs for making me laugh so hard on Friday night at the Beaufort apple house. Brendan + k o for driving me to and from the Knog gig.

Then those I shared a few beers with on Saturday night… see if I can remember all of these peeps (Rolly, dead_legs, Sime, Brendan, k o, MikeD, Chaz and Kit) Sorry I didn’t hang around on Saturday night - was pretty stuffed from working at the expo the last two days.

Thanks heaps internet friends. As always, if for some strange reason you are in Canberra - holla at me and I can return favours.