Ausbike 2013 11-13th October.

Anyone go along to this? You should - because I will be there as an exhibitor.

Swell Design Group |

see you there.

I was in the flatland bmx comp in the 2011 Ausbike, it was rad. Got to see a lot of bike porn. If I’m around I’ll be there this year.

Highlight was drinking beer in the carpark whilst doing weights with our bmx bikes to the Arnold song with some German guy.

Lowlight was the announcer telling me to stop chatting to the girls watching and to do my competition run…


I was working at that one too.

Was so bored I entered the free raffle like 100 times, won a chain and some sunnies, not too bad.

Will also likely be there.

I have never been, this is the first time that the company has shown it’s face. Will see what happens I guess.

I have a feeling it will be good for the first hour - then boring for the rest of the weekend. I am going to try and get out and about as much as possible. Possible meet up at the Beufort or whatever that pub is? Wonder if turning up on the second day all Zoltaned is a good idea?

Probably be at this in some capacity. Wrangling data capture iPads, probably.

Anyone keen for some Ezy hangs when I am down? Down from Thursday arvo to Sunday arvo. Staying at Space hotel - will have no bikes to get around on so anywhere close to CBDish the better. Have the company credit card so who is up for some 5 star meals?


how tall are you? You can borrow my Crux if you can swing a leg over a 58cm.

you know it. i have a few bikes kickin about, reckon one of them would fit you well enough…

as for 5 star meals, damn straight!!

Ezy is short and stocky. Looks like a 54-56 (max) kinda guy (I measured him while he was sleeping)

I have a 53cm SS road biek you could borrw Ezy.

I don’t really need a bike - was just saying in case people wanted to go for a roll etc. Will just cab it anywhere that requires too much walking… I will be held up in the expo thing for most of the time I guess but after that finishes I am fair game.

Side note. Was flicking through the pics of past ausbikes and spotted pics of blakey! lolz.

Short and stocky? Kidding me? I’m a dreamboat! Aren’t we the same height? 180cm?

So many ?'s

Here is a picture of me from the 2011 ausbike comp.

So I totally thought you were shorter than me. I have no idea why. I think my hair makes me feel like I’m 6" 3 and your hair makes you…well…

Can I borrow your top knot?

It’s non-detachable (please don’t cut it off in my sleep and if you do at least convert my wheels to tubeless)

Sup cutie.

You can borrow the travesty if you like, it’s always on offer.

Thanks for all the bike offerings! I actually don’t think I would need one. But if I do - Travesty gets the nod every time. Who wouldn’t/hasn’t thrown a leg over?