AusiBike Trade Show - Melbs

Some snaps of Ausibike trade show - still on til 4pm today Melb showgrounds. A swag of vendors, a few cool dudes (Matt from Trickbits, Chris from Reximports, and nice stands by Hillbrick and Sbtyre and how can I forget my friends at Wisper, eLation and Easybike), bit of entertainment here and there, ever popular coffee stand and quite a few fixies to see inside and out - here’s just a few with some extra snaps…

(fixie in the background)
(ok, this one wasn’t for sale)

The parking lot…

Don’t know what this has to do with cycling but resistence is futile…

Some french dude reading a powerpoint presentation word for word…

This little fella was having a ball…

Beer and pizza anyone?..

Go kangaroo shooting in style…

Ok not a fixie but great to see the Shogun Metro’s making a return…

The CleanEvent stand…

Surprisingly, this little thing was getting the most rides at the show…

Allan from eLation eLectric Bikes was an excitable fellow and hence couldnt keep still for a photo…

Some ramp action…

What a depressing turnout.

it looks almost entirely empty

I went yesterday for a bit of a look around.
THe PK Ripper fixed gear bike is sick, i want one.
I was surprised to see a phil wood stand there, and it was manned by americans.
It was good to look around, but if it wasnt just around hte corner from my house im sure i wouldnt have gone.

It wasn’t open to the general public, just dealers. When you consider there’s only about 600 bike shops in Australia and open over two days it wasn’t bad.

REALLY!!! 600 bike shops!

i thought there would be that many in Victoria!

wow show how insular my world is.

If you count the REALLY shit ones it does come close to 1000.

Interbike in Vegas is on in a few weeks too.

Now thats a show.

Did you see any mini velos?

Hey, that’s my mates bike- nice old 1950’s ABC frame. He was obviously working there.

That second bike looks like Pinarello meets De Ver

Im off to interbike next month, is anyone else coming over?

Was woking for CapoForma, might get a gig at Interbike if I can get off my regular job in time. Will be at Ausbike in Adelaide for Tour Down Under.

If want to get into some super stylish kit or epic socks hit me up.

The Phil Wood stand was worth visiting because Phil Wood was there. And some of those funny round things he makes

Some of the bike shop owners I spoke to made out like bandits at the traders-only sale… I got quoted $300 for the white 32h set in the front there :expressionless:

Yeah I went and for a 1st up event for a while it was well supported by the industry(brands) but not so from retailers I was told. Very few interstaters, especially Squidney.
The last bunch of clowns that tried to organize a trade show wanted some of the most ridiculous prices for stands ever so there was not much interest. This one was more reasonable.
Having spoken to a few reps there was the feeling that have Friday and saturday open to the public for an entry fee and then Sunday-monday for trade might be the way to go.
Standouts for me was the BMX stuff and the peeps from that sector of the trade. Also the Sram/Zipp stuff, well only cause I spotted their new CX cranks.
Hats off to the Guys from Phill Wood for making the effort. There was quite a few brands with a much bigger place in the market that didn’t bother to send anyone from the same state and these guys came from the US.
The only way to get these sorts of events and make them better is to support then in their infancy even if the first few are let-downs.


Tell me more… :lol:

Could they be using this as a research trip for an ‘active’ distributor here? :-o

Word on the street is that Commuter Cycles will be able to supply Phil gear soon. And there are a couple of other most excellent US suppliers in the pipeline.

When I spoke to the guys at the Phill stand I was told ant retailer can stock their products and get them directly from Phill wood.


Wish I could have gone, but the boss decided the airfares were too expensive to make it worth it. Maybe next year!

I remember Shifter Dan trying to contact them to place an order and not getting a reply. Maybe they have sorted out their sales side.

That was maybe Lyn at CTA that he couldn’t get onto?