AussieMite - Black pack = Prestige

Anyone else had a go at Aussimite, a la
AussieMite - True Australian Product

I am into it! Always been a fan of both Vege and Promite, and to a lesser extent Marmite (both types) but this splits the diff between the big two, for me, and I reckon I will be a reg buyer. The pack is a bit lame-o/foody/rubbish, but I can deal with it.

Just remembered that I havent put melted cheese onto it yet, which makes this post premature to say the least (half-baked is probably about right).
Will report back.


I generally buy Mighty Mite. I actually don’t mind Dick’s Ozemite, but the missus doesn’t rate it. I like Sanitarium Marmite, but we all know what happened there. Don’t rate British Marmite.

Will be purchasing AussieMite during next supermarket visit.

When it was hot we put a bit of Vegemite mixed in water in a small Tupperware container and froze it for our dog.

She loved it.


NZ Marmite is almost back.

so stoked.


I grew up down the road from the Marmite factory in CHCH, could smell the Weetbix and Marmite being made.

Cool story huh.

I ride past CUB most mornings and you can smell the Vic Bitter being made.

me too lately, makes me want a beer before 9am.

^ That’s just the urine from the drunks the night before.

I used to work down the road from the West End brewery… Some afternoons it smelt like those Vegemite-in-a-biskit.

Vegemite or GTFO. Death to false yeast extracts!

I had a housemate who would swear by a mix of the two - we always had both in our flat.

I drove through Bega last year, it smelled like cheese.

Didn’t rate it. Kinda bland, had to really heap it on to get some taste out of it. Probably good for yeast extract noobs. 5/10.

Well there ya go :slight_smile:

I am on the dregs of the first jar. I dont heap it at all, and I really like to heap promite. I will probably buy again, and will try it on my in-laws, definitely yeast-extract noobs and vegemite haters.

I’m hanging out for the slow boat full of marmite to arrive from NZ.

In the meantime, Promite is too sweet, Ozemite & Mightymite are too dilute and not thick enough.

haha I’m with you Sime

NZ marmite has the worst consistency of all, man! like crappy margarine (all of it) out of a too-cold fridge. the way it ripples up the knife in tiny (micro?) waves… sick. But it has the Fe.


Also, “Our Mate” aka UK Marmite, also not much chop.

Fuck you guys, I’m gonna make my own…

How To Make Vegemite - General Recipe Discussion - Aussie Home Brewer

What happened there? <shrugs>