Australian Bench Minor Tourney - Sydney - Feb 5/6

Prawi, do you seriously think you or any other perth kids could/would come? That would be dope!!!

Can folks start thinking about who they would like to see as team Captains? You can nominate yourself too if you are interested in the position. I would love to have 4 or 5 teams (somewhere between 36-45 players) which means we can have a pretty wide spread of captains, players and talent.

For nominations please EMAIL me so this doesnt turn into school yard soccer. ~ lewis (at) bike polo (dot) com (dot) au ~ Please make the topic “Bench Minor Captains”
Nominations should be based on a player’s talent, leadership qualities, confidence and knowledge of other players (i.e going to Brisbane for nats would be a good qualifier).
You can nominate multiple people, and people from different cities too.

I forgot to add too what being a captain will actually involve!!

Captains will be involved in selecting their team during the draft and running their team and lines on the day(s) of the tourney. Definately going try to make team shirts/jerseys happen for this tourney. So I will also ask for a little help from the captains in getting that together!

what about non-playing coaches/co-captains? will that be allowed?

Will have to talk to the Perf boys when I get back to get a general consensus. My gut feeling is that we’d be lucky to have more than 2 people come, but you never know… I think at the moment we’re more focused on getting as many people down to nationals (3 teams this year!) rather than smaller tourneys, but that may change soon, just a matter of getting organised, finding time, and getting the cash to flow through.

p.s. I like the idea of the polo calender! Would make it a lot easier for us Perthians.

do you mean like the Nottingham Trent University Girls’ nude polo calendar?

I want Johnson in goal for my team for sure.

Count me IN!

that gives me a brilliant idea for raising funds for AHBPC11!

Sounds like heaps of fun, I’m in

Haven’t played a Bench tourney, sounds like a massive opportunity for heckling… Adelaide, please come along! :smiley:


I have changed it to public for now.

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i’m try my best to be there. on court ref? get amongst it!!

You have to come! You never miss a Sydney tournament!!

it’s my birthday, who wants to pay for my plane ticket so i can come to this?

Would love to have you here but the Sydney Bike Polo slush fund currently stands at about -$20.00…

hey lewis, looks like Ali (ELKs) is coming to australia in feb too… fingers crossed he makes it to sydney for the bench minor.

london invasion!

jol, i emailed dale the link to this, he’ll be here come december right?, so let’s work on getting him up for it too :slight_smile:

and now i think about it, joni (you might not have met joni…?) is moving too… holy moly, if they all came it’ll be like downham in redfern!

hahaha Palais de Tokyo may come too…


julien, iso, and …? marc? agata? i wish they all could come

FAWWKK YEAH! Julien, you cant say something like that and then not tell who!!!

sure Nick…maybe alex, pounk and reno… and also Laura is heading Perth soon

Agata?? fuck yeah just invite her, sure she ll be in

and Greg and Marmou?