Australian Bench Minor Tourney - Sydney - Feb 5/6

especially greg, dibs. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha i don t want to see them

aaand booked! $150 return. Woot!

Jetstar is having a sale. Get on it peeps.

Now I gotta sort accom…

dave, what day are you flying down? i’m booking tickets next week…

this is my dilemma:

i’m supposed to be going to laneway on friday afternoon - should i go, and then fly to sydney on the earliest flight, be at the courts by registration, or should i not risk the possibility of a cancelled flight and just sell laneway tickets to some valley trendite?

my middle name is dilemma…

also, dave, do bo gear sell bike bags? i need one for this trip and for bff

Flying down on Friday 4th. 11ish flight arrive at 2pm. I have half a day to kill…
Last flight out on Sunday (10.55pm). Keen to kill a few beers between polo finish and flight… :slight_smile:

Fuck Laneway Festival… polo is shitloads better :stuck_out_tongue:

and for bike bags… no. Not yet. My first proto was abysmal… I can highly recommend a Ground Effect Tardis. Plus it fits in the outer pocket of a Sindrome :wink:

ah yes, that’s the one i’m looking at buying, gippy lent me his when i went to sydney and it was grand…

yeh, i think i’d rather the polo comraderie on the friday night anyway!

forgot about laneway festival. its on sunday the 6th in sydney. fuckballs.

but but guys… its bike polo…

^this is true… i doubt i’ll actually go to laneway. too risky. and the friday of a tourney weekend is always the best.

flights BOOKED! Thanks Dave for the heads up, Jetstar has a 50% off sale atm.

this is when dates for later tourneys would be welcome. can anyone confirm the dates for nationals in Adelaide?

BTW we have just lost our only court in Sydney…

Hopefully we will have somewhere else to play by February


Lady at the council said “bicycle hockey” is damaging the surface of the court. Absolute bullshit!!

Having a brainstorming session tonight to try to get something sorted.

need to make this issue public and get support behind it to take on council etc and find a permanent place to play! Surely it would make a great story being kicked out of court after court - people would get behind the issue. Some rich person into bikes might just have some spare money and decide to build a bike polo specific court or something or maybe transform their tennis/basketball court they are bored of. wouldnt that be rad!

I really don’t think the decision came from very high up. We should go back to the council first and if that fails we go public. We certainly have lots to talk about tonight.

polo specific court would be awesome - I would even be prepared to share it with those unicycle fuckers!

Or those crazy bicycle hockey players… whoever they are!

Ungahhh Sydney, that sucks! Best of luck with the city officials over there. The Christchurch City Council are actually stoked we use the courts here, they believe having people there playing sport reduces vandalisim and undesirable behavour in the area…maybe you guys could try that card too?

This is the kind of idea you’d need to pitch to the council. We need convince them that giving us a good court for polo is a good thing for them. Creating a “multipurpose” court is a good way to pitch it. It has more appeal to the broader community than a very small group of people. Could be used for unicycle hockey, street hockey, soccer among other things.

What other interest does polo have to the community? It promotes cycling, and bike handling skills, its green, its healthy… Oh and we’
re even helping teach little kids, right?! If that little guy continues to play think about the bike confidence he’s going to have in a few years!!

Most importantly, this isn’t just “some bike hockey game” this is a legitimate sport and we just sent more than a full team of players to BERLIN to play in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

I’ve chatted with Fiona Campbell before about polo. She works for the City of Sydney in cycling and I think she could be SUPER helpful. At the very least it could give us a foot in the door with the council, or a good word or something.

I wish i was there to help with this!!

IT SUCKS. Big time.