Australian Custom Bike Show 2012

The innaugural ACBS is coming up fast, don’t miss out on this.

There is going to be some filthy bike pornography on display for all to see.

Drop by and say hi at the Kumo stall

I will be showing some stuff that no-one has seen yet. Well worth a look.

I’m coming down to visit. Good timing with the Show & Shine as well.

Looking forward to seeing lots of shiny stuff from yourself, Fikas bikes… and Kenevans. Check these out:

one i hadn’t heard of - what’s their deal?

Luke is down here in Canberra (well queenbeyan) he has made about as many frames as me, including some small production runs for a local bike/coffee shop mob.

Nice neat work from what I have seen


pretty pleased that the SnS was another reason to visit melbourne that wknd :slight_smile:

And of course the show and shine! Will there be beer Rolly? I will need one

I think we can arrange that… :wink:

whilst we won’t be selling beer, there will be a donation/raffle system where EVERYONE’S A WINNER…

Everyone better be coming to the show this weekend.

Amazing work there by all involved

Ill try and make it to both today.

Amazing show, wow.

What … no pics???
C’mon, show us what we’re missing !!!

The cavalcade is coming, I’ll put some up when I get home.

My mind is blown, amazing turn out, amazing support, fucking exhausted


Great to see Keith in his element amongst Darrell, Darren, Ewen, Luke, Tarn etc etc… and Mr Ken Evans - what a legend.

I’ve never been so successful in a raffle. What a rad event!

Next year i’ll enter a few bikes.

wrong thread me thinks… :wink:

Finally finished with the photos from Saturday. God this event kicked arse. I hope it becomes a regular thing.

All my photos can be found at my Flickr. Unfortunately due to the popularity of Llewellyn, I didn’t really get the opportunity to take any photos of what Darrell brought down which was a bit of a bummer. Hopefully someone else managed to get some because what was there was pretty sweet!

Dubrat’s Kumo!

Unfortunate belt placement. It looks like he’s liking that bike a fair bit.

Turns out I didn’t take as many photos as I thought, so here are some shots of my set up

so yeah, here’s the writeup i did for cycling news / bike radar:

Gallery: Australian Custom Bicycle Show |