Australian Cycle Messenger Championships. They are upon Us!!

Only a scant few days before the ACMC slumps into town and presents you with a whole weekend full of unhealthy activities.

What? what is this thing?

Its the annual gathering of the nations foremost urban cycling professionals.

ACMC 2012 MELBURN | Easter Weekend, Thursday 5th April – Sunday 8th April.

Australian Cycle Messenger Championships 2012 | Facebook

I wanna compete!

Good! head to the website above and get over to the registration page. Then register. There’s an old post in the newsfeed that details all the goodies n privileges that come with rego. Check out the program of events all damn weekend (value!) and clear your schedule. Everyone is welcome to register, race and win heaps of sexy prizes but only couriers and ex-couriers are able to be crowned (helmeted) as the 2012 courier champ.

I wanna Alleycat!

course ya do. Thursday night suit day alleycat. Its tight. Its fast. Its five bucks into the pot and the winners walk away with it all. 5.30 rego, 6pm start at the museum. Wear your sunday best.


I wanna Spectate/Drink/Heckle!

Hurrah! Spectator Saturday is designed with you in mind!! It comes in two parts.

Part 1: Sprints, Skids n More at the Flemington Drains.

Chaos on the concrete. Starts around noon. There’ll be fundrasing beverages for sale and sweet beats from the Cargone Mobile Soundsystem. Come on down, quench your thirst and hurl some abuse. Then get in the circle for a bit of footdown.

Part 2: Goldsprints Mayhem Warehouse Party

A can’t look away, head on collision of bands, bikes and beer. Starts at 7pm, Cocoa Jackson Studios, Cocoa Jackson lane, east Brunswick. Resistance is Futile. Rum Rules Apply.

Goldsprints Mayhem Warehouse Party! | Facebook

I wanna be cultural!

Don’t we all. Melborne District Messenger Association: A Retrospective. At the St heliers st gallery, Abbotsford convent. Opening 5-8pm Thursday the 5th of April, right after the suit day alleycat. Swanky.

I wanna volunteer/checkpoint!!

We love you! We love your guts to bits! We mainly need checkpointers for the main race on sunday and the big scavenger hunt/alleycat on friday. We will give you a beer. Please drop us a line at and let us know when you’re able to help out. We’ll hug you. We’ll shower before we hug you. Thats how much it means to us.

That about covers it. Have checking out all them links (its worth it i swear) and we’ll see you on the weekend. Rog? Rog.

“the nations foremost urban cycling professionals” … haha dont you mean “the nations foremost urban scumbags tiprats on wheels” …?

Alan, you need to write our event promos everytime

i think a TeagsXAlan PR collabo would be amazing…

Shit, good start to the weekend! I think we got nearly 60 people registered, it’s gonna be a good weekend.

Get down to the warehouse tonight for music, beers and Goldsprints!!

So I took some photos.

See my tumblr Caught To Be Thrown for my favourite about 60 photos. Or check the Flickr for around 200 and some photos.