Australian Financial Review Does Fixies

Time to find a new hobby now that Fixies are totally sold out? :evil:
Good to see Andy getting a mention, albeit brief.

I don’t understand it… Is there some sort of newspeak in Sydney these days?

F-- See me after class!

In Saturdays paper there was one of those “look how pretty my house is” articles, with a Bianchi PISTA posed in the loungeroom! I almost spewed… time to move on. Shut the website down and lets have a ceremonial burning of woollen jerseys at 7am in Fed Sqr.
I’m off to Kmart to get me a Huffy MTB !

So true…
Typical that the guy featured isn’t wearing a helmet… and also where the hell did the journalist get the idea that fixies were a spinoff of ‘surfie-like street culture’? Maybe in Sydney Garth? :evil:

Nah… it’s still good! Just go for a ride :slight_smile:

and keep an eye on the 'bay and the Trading Post - in about 6mths to a year there’ll be a flood of fashionista’s fixies flogged for fuck-all

this is a good thing! now that the fin review is onto it, tight pant cool guy jamal will think his too out there to be associated with photographer sam and commuter brian, sell his stuff off to mainstream norm, when mainstream norm gets into it, photographer sam will want to distance himself from that “commoner” who still drinks VB, then we have normal people getting into bikes! some of them will love it, some wont, the docklands will be full of fixed gear bikes for about 3 months and then, finally, all parts will come flooding back to those who really love it…
“moving on” now is out of the question… encouraging others to do so is DEFINATELY a good thing :slight_smile:

Hasn’t BSNYC taught you anything?

He doesn’t need one, because he doesn’t ride it, he just walks it around from the organic food store to the latest hipster bar and takes photos of it to put on velospace…

I still stand by my prediction that townie/commuter/Dutch/Danish bikes are going to be the next big thing, as evidenced by the groundswell from this years bike shows.

We’ve been through the 70s/80s 10 speed, 90’s MTB, 00’s Lance-roadie and I think there was a cruiser mini boom in there somewhere, now it’s time for hub gears, fenders, step through frames, racks, baskets and wearing normal clothes to cycle in.

Mate, not everyone lives in a mansion. By virtue of the size of my accommodation, I have bikes in the lounge room too.

And, you would have noticed that he was a part owner of the Autopsy Gallery* in Balaclava. Another part owner is Jade, aka gappy, a member of this forum. In all likelihood I suspect that you’ve unwittingly paid out on a sometime user/member of this forum!

Face it - we’re hipsters with a bikes in their lougeroom.

And on the article - what a retarded piece of production? Did your scan miss out on the byline of “vintage simplicity back in cycling fashion” by any chance? The ‘Abici’ bike that starts the article is a piece of crap commuter/girls bike with a coaster brake that RG Madden is selling at a stupid price and has little to nothing in common with a fixed gear apart from the apparent 'simplicity of the thing…

Read what Mark from Born Again Cycles has to say about the Abici…

*which has now closed/relocated from Carlisle St.

Actually, that article has to be incomplete, right Horatio? Can you post the full thing please?

i’ve got this one covered already, you do as well don’t you?
and yep, it will be the next big move, i saw a girl on a Kronan in the city a coupla weeks ago.
and it’s a good move. mountain bikes and racing bikes suck for many reasons, cruisers and choppers are even worse, big heavy cheap steel frames

There’s a Kronan shop in Izzett St, Prahran just near the corner of Greville St.

Question 1: Who the f*** learns to ride a bike by watching punkers on youtube?

Question 2: Since when could you call the position that guy would ride in ‘Sit up and beg’?

Question 3: Why is a Sydney homewares store stocking bike stuff? Does that mean my families office furniture store can sell bike stuff too now? Sweet, wholesale prices!

Question 4: Why bladed spokes on a street bike?

Question 5: Where can I get those comfy lookin ergo bars?

Yeah I rode a Kronan when I was in Sweden years ago… I don’t understand the attraction- it is possibly the heaviest bike I have ever ridden. The tubing was ridiculous. Sure, maybe it’s good at negotiating mortar pot-holes in war torn 1940’s France, but in the modern city? Nah.

Well, bladed are very hot… but I know what you mean :evil:
Haha the thing about Youtube was farking great!

hmm i didn’t realise they were that heavy. but yeah, i’m sure they could take a near direct hit from an IED.
though the soldiers pushing them through mud -filled trenches probably don’t appreciate that.

oh, i forgot to mention my fave line… “the cranks of standard bike shops could easily snap under the stresses”… hehehe ahooooohohoho.
god damn we’re hardcore.
and maybe we arent the fixie crowd?

YEAH, I want a fixie.


I’ve heard of this online forum where you might be able to get some cheap second hand parts,

its something like, or fixedgear…

something like that :wink:

Do they sell cheap road/track/fixie/vintage/steel/ bikes with hot NJS parts that have been hand polished. Thats what i want oh and with white front areospoke for fully sick PHAT tricks

this, this right here is why they won’t let me have weapons in the shop any more…
i’m going to kill the next fucker that comes in and says he wants a fixie cause they’re cool. an then asks what one is*.

and while i’m pissed off and ranting, why am i NOT surprised that dues is selling overpriced fixies.
have a look at the motos they are trying to sell and i guess the same person who wants to spend $20K on a rebuilt SR400 manx that’s worth 12, will also spend up big on his Ferrari of a bicycle.

fuck it, i’m going to go kick the cat and work out my frustrations before i go and deal with more of these moronic imbeciles tomorrow…

*and yes, this does happen. about twice a month at the moment, but it’s getting more regular.