Auto complete thread

Type a sentence using only suggested words from your phone keyboard app.


I have been putting off the phone call from the sales tax for items shipped directly today.

Thanks to my beautiful friends for Christmas stocking stuff and getting to the point where I can get them in the morning to pick them up from school and get them done before they get home thanks so that’s good I’ll let them know if that is something you can bring home

Hey we’re going to have some time for dinner tomorrow if we can do something tomorrow for dinner tonight or if you do come and get some dinner I can come home.

I’m curious about what this says about our lives. I obviously care about my dinner.

(Not an auto message - that’s a genuine comment)

I did a great one with the year of my life

I am in a client of the office in ten min the lobby and I will send the email and delete this message from the fig tree to tree and I will send the money for a while to the office in ten min for a while for it forgot about it and it was all about it this weekend so we are going well for me know what I can make a big difference in a client of the office and late reply but it was all over again for all of your tupperware to be in touch them though just uploading policy and terms and I will send the email address is a good day please find attached a copy of the stone age of the stone age of the stone age of the stone age…

[Erk. Oddly enough I don’t remember typing the word “tupperware” at any time in recent memory. I recently changed from SwiftKey to Gboard - am I copping some weird product placement?]

i don’t use autocorrect, let alone suggestive keyboard or whatever the fuck it’s called.

obvs this is not an auto generated post.

I have to go camping and fishing and hunting. So flexible! You can come over at Easter weekend and have a wonderful holiday season and I will be there at Shredbro.

(I never go hunting or fishing)

that actually sounds pretty reasonable for you, mikkel dann.

Yeah you’ll be fine at those temps. Its cis. I can msg you at the usual spot.

had a great day and the other day and the other day and the other day and the other day and the other day and the other day and the other day and…

[droz is obviously winning at life]

[so apparently I can only start a sentence with I, Hi or Thanks]

So I’ve just been thinking of going to the park with my bike stuff for lunch and then I’ll come over later and get back with work and then go get some stuff for dinner tonight babe love chooo hope you’re having a good day

Hey dude I’m going back home today do you want a beer and then some dinner or maybe we have dinner at home tomorrow if I don’t need you guys to bring some dinner tonight and I will need a drink or something or if you’re not busy I don’t have any idea if you’re busy I’ll be there at the end

(Nope, no change, still dinner obsessed)