Avanti Kiss 29

Anyone know anything about this bike


I have a mate who is thinking of getting one.
From previous friends who have had single speed mtb’s I’ve gathered that the freewheel is the part that wears out the most. Is this correct?

Other comments before he drops four figures of cash on it.

It uses a single speed cassette hub not a freewheel. Should last longer than your basic freewheel.

As for the bike … I don’t have any opinions on 29ers.


$1200.00 bux for that? (Freedom Machine is pricey) Yes it some nice shit on it, but the price? If it’s his first entry into 29er SS maybe a GT peace 29er might be the go, way cheaper. Or maybe an SE racing 29er, both the GT and SE are under the $1000 mark.

With the rear hub, it is a cassette style hub, so depending on the quality of the hub and the rear cog, that would dictate the longevity of the wear. As long as the eliptical BB isn’t tightened to the fuck, there shouldn’t be to much problems. Oh yeah, grease eliptical BB’s every year or 6 months without fail, they squeak like a mouse otherwise.

AAHHHH 29er…why?

They look retrarded, corner like shit, have weak wheels, blah blah.*

*My opinion comes from zero experience of riding or owning a 29er

damoh; it’s like a road bike for the dirt. fuckin A!

lats; fuck fuckin fucked eccentric bottom bracket! tightarses only use it in their frame so they dont have to make new dropouts. other than that it looks ok but its a pity they dropped the ball with the silver spokes.

Hiya all,

I’m the mate in question who really has no idea about what I want… here’s my situation:

  1. I want a commuter to ride to and from work… 10k, basically bike paths, the occasional gutter, thats about as fun as it gets.
  2. I have this thought that maybe, one day, I might find time to put the nobbies on and ride off road
  3. I’d like to think that I can get something that will keep me interested on my ride to work
  4. For the last 10 years or so I’ve used mountain bikes with slicks for commuting

Any further tips?


Get a 700c (road-wheeled) singlespeed, with flat bars. It will be awful-fast compared to your mtb, it can be kinda fun riding with one gear, and you can always fit cyclocross tyres for the brown stuff. The Avanti won’t handle as nicely on the road, even with slicks, and has no provision for fenders or panniers either, if that’s your thing.

Kona Paddywagon?

Any suggestions for a shop where I should look for those? I’m assuming you’re referring to:
I’m not sure on the SE if that’s what you’re talking about or not, its all I could find. Note its also not listed on the aus site.

Any suggestions?


Brunswick St Cycles would have the GT and BikeNow might have the SE’s…

GTs are freakin ugly. they look like they’re made out of leftover bits of tubing that they couldn’t be fucked cutting to length. I don’t know anything about their build quality or performance. All i know is the one i had that I stripped for bits and turned into a SS commuter was too small for me. I sold it to a friend who had it repainted by a hotrod pinstriper for his girlfriend and looks awesome. Pity about the retarded tubing.

The SE racing 29er I have seen in Goldcross Cycles in Camberwell (Goldcross, spawn of satan), looks alright. The GT you can also get from Melbourne Bicycle centre for about $750. I agree with Spud, get a frame with sliding drops (track ends), eliptical BB’s are a pain in the arse. Maybe a SS/fixed cyclocross maybe what you’re after, Surly Cross-Check, you can gear it, SS it, fixed it. On-one Pompino, SS it or Fix it. Both of these frames you can put 700c wheels in and will take tyres over 32c (knobbie or slick). Both are steel and tough.

Thanks for the tip, I’m looking at one now - I’m thinking thats what I’ll probably end up at.