Avanti Pista Pro

Location: High Street, Prahran, Melb, Vic
Time: About 2 weeks ago but hard to say as I’ve been out of town for a while
Description / Details: Black/Yellow/White Avanti Pista Pro. Alloy, Mavic Ellipse wheels, Campy Record cranks, EC90 bars, Thomson layback seatpost, black rolls saddle with gold trim also had a 140mm long “thor husvold” stem.

Pretty gutted about this, more because I’ve just finished 16 months in a remote part of SA working and one of the things I was looking forward to was getting back out to Harrison street/DISC and riding with all the Brunswick/FOA crew. The bike was taken from a secure underground carpark in my apartment building (and it was locked up!) so the prick that took it knew to some extent what they were taking. Anway it’s reasonably distinctive as I’ve only ever seen one other dude rock the same frame, mine is an XL and it also has a very subtle “Dosnoventa” eye sticker (the eye symbol with “DSNV” under it) on the seat tube above the word “Pista”, I doubt the crack whore that stole it would bother to notice it.

I could only find a “stock” photo for the moment, I’ll try and find a better one but mine has silver campy cranks and not the omniums

Man, there’s no way in hell I’d leave my bike in a ‘secure’, underground car park. I’d have it next to my bed ffs!

Look, hindsight is a wonderful thing but the reality was I was moving all my stuff into a 1 bedroom apartment and there wasn’t a whole lot of space. I did have the thing locked to the rack frame but that obviously was not enough of a deterrent even though you need a swipe card to get in and out of the car park. I’d love to have the bike next to my bed but the girlfriend would not be so impressed…

Cameras in the “secure” carpark? Might give you some leads if there are…

yep, I’ve got the building manager checking although other people have had theirs taken so I wouldn’t be suprised if it was a bit of a sweep with a van. Would have been strange someone riding a 94" XL track bike out of the carpark though

fuck I hate bike thieves

I’ll keep my eyes open, fuck the scum bike thieves.

try to post more pics

Hey not sure if your bike turned up yest, my partner had an older Pista Pro stolen around the same time, so been looking online since, haven’t found his, but there is one like yours on gumtree in Richmond, today, Large 57cm, anyway I took down the number, message me back if you need the details,