Avid BB5 Brake Pads

Somebody please put me out of my misery.

I took my front brake pads out to see how worn they’re getting after 2100km. Naturally there’s loads and loads of wear left in them and they’ll be fine for a long while yet, except now I can’t get the pads back in.

Google doesn’t help me. I’ve got the Avid instructions and I understand how it goes together.

The problem is that the spring clip won’t lock into the pads. The pads and clip all fit together fine out of the caliper but I can’t get the clip to lock in when the pads are in the caliper. The pads move around too much making it impossible so far to push the clip in. The clip just pushes the pads out of place.

All I’ve found on the web is that they’re fiddly to do, but no specific help.

Anyone got some tips? Or do I just order some BB7 calipers now?

edit: so it seems I can get one pad locked in but the other still eludes me.

Swear lots, wind the pad adjusters all the way out, swear lots more release cable tension.

I ‘think’ they should push in together with the spring between them. Has been a while though. I definately remeber alot of swearing being involved.

I’m so desperate I took the caliper off the bike and even that didn’t help much. It’s gonna be a humbling experience to go to a shop so they can put pads in a caliper.

So what I’m hearing is…buy BB7s.

I’m just about to do my BB7s for the first time, I’ll let you know how that goes…:confused:

put the pads in, and then there should be a metal clip that spreads the pads out and holds them in

BB7s are easy. Youll be fine. You put the spring clip on the pads and then slide the whole lot into the back of the caliper. With the BB5s you have to put the pads in through the front of the caliper and then put the spring clip on from the back.

Yep. Dead easy with the BB7s.

I am happy to give you some help with the pads if you still need it.

Looking at the date of your post I am sure you have already fitted them.

Not yet, but it was just the excuse I needed to get BB7s.

Good choice.

The BB5’s are almost an OEM only (in my opinion) mechanical disc brake for entry level bikes.

The BB7’s are awesome brakes, if you use a good quality outer cable and lubricate it well the BB7 will work as well as most hydraulic types.

Yeah the BB5s were OEM. To be honest they worked just fine and I had no complaints but the pads pissed me off and BB7s are a significant upgrade at a cheap price.