Awesome Sunday Ride!!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Evise, Ben, Hans and the rest of the crew for a great ride on Sunday. It was mad fun! You guys should do a bike trip up to Sydney town, the Wed night rides here are epic. :smiley:



damn. wish i’d been there (rather than trying to out-sleep one very large hangover)

Would be cool to integrate the Wednesday night rides across the country somehow – be it a Global Gutz style race, or interstate trips…

I’ve been missing the Cranky rides for the last few weeks, struggling to make it after DISC session in the morning, dont want hold peeps up…

We’ve talked about coming up to sydney, maybe wait till the warmer months to get the most out of the trip though?

yes cranky sundays misses its ben’s all 3 are missing!

and we should indeed wait until the warmer months but Sydney could be cool.

to Terence, it was awesome of you to come on this ride and i hope you made your plane trip on time… how long did it take you to get to dandenong in the end?!

we hope to see you back down in melburn soon, with that funky ken.

Been hard to get there after training at disc in time as benny said, also getting on the roadie/fix for saturday rides too which sometimes leaves you a bit spent…hopefully this sunday…

fun ride, good lunch too.
we have to hit the other side of that hill next time but :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, made it on time. It took 40 mins to get to Doncaster but had to push hard all the way and was spent after. Not bad considering…
You guys should definitely come up when it gets warmer. Sydney rocks during summer!

Whassup Terrence!

Really good to meet you and stoked that you came for a ride. We were all hoping you made the plane. I guess we are all so relaxed in Melbourne that if it was one of us - we would have def missed the flight.

Def when it gets warmer were gonna organised a crew for a Sydney trip! I hope you have a big house… :wink: