B&M Cyo broken cable

So riding home last night with Lauren and her light wasn’t working. Couldn’t figure out why on the roadside, but found this when we got home:

Couldn’t get to it to rejoin it where it was, so had a go at dismantling the light. Was a bit scary, but it was broken either way, so I pushed and pulled and got it apart enough to pull the cable through the top, solder repair the joint, and put it all back together.

Works fine now. The screw under the light holds a cap on the top, under which is a little rubbery bit that’s easily removed. The lens is tricky to get out, but will come with a bit of delicate but firm pushing and leverage. The circuit board is held on by two screws, only accessed when the lens is off. (I took the switch off too - it just pops off with a bit of persuasion - but this ended up not being necessary).

(Cool story Pete)

Put a strain relief in this time?

Of course.

This is the first bike I ever built from scratch. Has otherwise been faultless, even with all of the dropping it’s had. (technically, it’s still not finished though).

Fist bump

Welded the sticks together or just screwed the bits on?

Strip, twist, solder, heat shrink.

Thanks for the info.
So reading between the lines, the build quality is perhaps not the best on the Cyo’s??

Nah, it’s good. I just didn’t give enough consideration to the cable as it comes out of the light when I built the bike, and it broke in the most inconvenient place because of it. Disassembly was daunting, but fine in the end.

Yeah, cyos are killer.