Baby Photos or My First Fixed

All my lurking around here has come to fruition, after a few nights in the cellar my first fixed is ready. Needs a few tweaks, but I’m chuffed so far. I found a nice new 49T Gipiemme track ring after I ordered my sprocket, so the gearing is kinda on the high side. I’ll take some better shots (not sitting on the floor) on the weekend. Did I mention I’m chuffed :smiley:

Wow that’s nice. Take some better pics :slight_smile:

That rear wheel looks very forward in the dropouts.

Neat :wink: Any more info on the frame?

greg, really nice bike, congrats - good to hear the lurkers are coming out of the woodwork :slight_smile:

yes, im with spuddy, i’d be interested to hear a bit about the frame, i quite like the chrome work going on there…


Thanks all, as I said I’m chuffed. The frame is from a local Zurich bike shop, has Campy rear and fork dropouts. No stickers on there but the frame makes the right “ting” when you flick it with your fingernail. The rear axle is probably at the front 2/3 point of the dropout. It has a 49/16 and I set the chain so I could run a 15! Now I’m probably going to get an 18 :oops:

Anyway there is a little thing on the bike from when I got it here:

A few nights in the cellar, after months of planning and organising. Oh and the red and white theme came to me after considering an old seat I had laying around, now the inspiration looks shabby.

Awesome description, and one that all frame connoisseurs can relate to. And dont worry, the red-and-white looks great!

A pretty bike with a shabby seat is the way it should be: a shabby seat means it’s been well used and a tidy bike means it’s cared for.

Respect. Now just lose that cable actuated thing on the fork. :twisted:

Some better happy snaps loaded up at my webpage: